Yes, it's true that as far as I know, Vash the Stampede is in every single episode of Trigun. But this, being a Milly and Meryl episode, he was only in it for about 4 minutes all together. He shielded an old couple that was being fired upon, then clotheslined from behind when Milly and Meryl came running out to tell the guy with the gun what a dangerous criminal "that man" was. When offered a bodyguard position by the old couple, Meryl yelled at him and took the job herself. Much later in the episode, Meryl tries to knock one of the Nebraska children off course with her Derringer, but Vash fires from a trashcan to knock it off course. Meryl thinks she did it though. Then his screen shrinks, and after protesting about his time allotment, he vanishes and that's the last we see of him.

The only thing really to be said about this episode is how nice he was to Meryl. Although Meryl is usually exceptionally nasty and mean to him and likes to steal his jobs, he keeps the nice things that she does for him in mind so he can pay her back for them. In this episode, when he knocks the mini-Nebraska off course and causes Meryl to think she did it, he says it was payback for helping him at the saloon that one time (methinks episode 3). This just proves that no matter how badly he's treated, no matter how many times he's falsely accused, beaten up, insulted, and put down, Vash will always be a nice guy. To think that after all she's done to him, he could still do nice things for her... it boggles the mind. I probably would've slapped her and left her in the dust a long time ago, but not him. He holds out one more episode before doing so (well... she does the slapping, but he does leave her in the dust). So that's the spectacular episode and character trait highlight for number fourteen. Enjoy. That's all I have to say about this Milly and Meryl episode >_<;