I actually like this episode somewhat. We get a showdown, an introduction to Vash's affinity for the opposite sex, and more hints at what kinda guy this character REALLY is. On top of that, Meryl still remains clueless ^_^ Again, the oblagatory summary that I try to keep short but don't really succeed in doing.
    It starts with Milly and Meryl going through a ghost town wishing for water. They hear a rumor about Vash the Stampede being up at the mansion, so they go only to find the mysterious man in the red coat (y'know, Vash ^_^). They find out Vash is working as a bodyguard for a man named Mr. Cliff to protect the daughter of a friend, named Maryanne. Mr. Cliff tells Milly and Meryl of an attack made on his estate earlier that week by a mysterious gunman. Milly and Meryl believe that it could be Vash the Stampede after Mr. Cliff's fortune, so they offer to be free bodyguards (but end up being cooks). Through the episode it's revealed that Vash has a certain... affinity for Maryanne. It's also revealed that Maryanne disapproves of Mr. Cliff's living, selling water. When both Mr. Cliff and Maryanne vanish at night, Vash and the insurance girls go looking for him. They find a secret passage that leads down to a storage area for water, and it appears that Mr. Cliff is monopolizing the rescource for his own profit rather than just tapping a spring on his land. Just as Mr. Cliff is about to shoot Maryanne (who was the one who made the initial attack on the estate in the first place), who is really a sheriff, Vash comes in and draws attention to himself. Mr. Cliff starts to shoot at him, but Vash dodges the bullets. After a big showdown between Mr. Cliff and Vash, where Vash makes a big fool out of Mr. Cliff, the water machines blow up and the whole town turns into a lake. As Vash leaves, he laments the fact that the town's destruction would probably be pinned on him.
    I thought this was a good episode for many reasons. One, we get our first man-to-man showdown with Vash beating the odds. Sure, in the last episode we had Vash beating the odds against half a dozen men, but I prefer the single showdown for some reason ^_^ One of his many useful skills is also revealed: dodging bullets. And we also get to see one of his weaknesses as well, that being pretty girls. Maryanne was a special case though, as she's the only girl that has even pretended to reciprocate his feelings without malicious intent for at least 13 episodes ^_^ The scene between Vash and Maryanne at night is very sweet until Vash makes Maryanne uncomfortable by squeezing her shoulder. Funny how she reveals deep information about her life, but fails to ask him about his past ^_^ Vash dodges the mysterious past bullet. But it was never meant to be between Maryanne and Vash, her being a Sheriff and him being the most wanted outlaw on the planet and all. But it would've brightened Vash's spirits to hear that she could've really fallen for a guy like him. Although I don't know whether Vash would honestly persue a woman that has a genuine interest in him. Sure he chases after them and is a terrible flirt, but would he really be able to love any woman who isn't Rem? I'm sure there's a better episode than this one to explore that possibility, so I'll leave that alone for now. Another facet of Vash's personality is revealed through Maryanne as well. The wild, untameable lecher side. Vash deliberately threw himself off the roof and hung by a rope to peek in Maryanne's window while she was taking a shower. That's HAPPOSAI-level perversion there. He hasn't done anything quite of that perversion mangitude since... so I don't know what to read into his personality there o_o Is he REALLY a pervert? That kinda frightens me, so I'll leave it alone for now. The second thing in this episode was the showdown. Mr. Cliff, the old man, vs. Vash the Stampede, the Humanoid Typhoon, who will win ^_^ Vash didn't even have to draw his gun. That was pretty cool. We also get to see him in action all serious and stuff dodging bullets. He DID have a serious moment there, I'm pretty sure. But then he snapped out of it and had a patent pending "Vash moment" and freaked out while dodging the bullets to throw off the others to the fact that he was really doing that on purpose. Of course, he doesn't admit to dodging them on purpose, but Mr. Cliff knows -_^ There's one of the first hints you get to the fact there's a little more to Vash than meets the eye, though. The fact he dodged the bullets and defeated Mr. Cliff singlehandedly still without drawing his gun. Very cool, no? Meryl STILL doesn't know the mysterious red-coated man is Vash the Stampede, though ^_^

As an ending summary, there's still more to Vash than meets the eye, and he's a strange pervert with a love for women. There ya go, how's that for an episode analysis?