I'll start out by saying I'm rather fond of this episode. Vash turns around the life of a disgruntled gunsmith, and saves a town from bank robbers claiming to be him. We get much in the way of gun action, public drunkenness, and freaky opponents. In other words, the difinitive Trigun episode. Again, you get a boring summary before I go into the actual analysis of the episode.
    Milly and Meryl are sitting at a table together, eating ice cream and discussing their mission. Meryl comments on hopefully FINDING Vash the Stampede eventually. While she talks about Vash walking in unexpectedly, Vash DOES show up, much to Meryl's suprise. As Vash walks along, he is hit by a man who is being thrown out of a bar. The man proceeds to glomp him and make a public spectacle in the middle of town, drawing quite a crowd and eventually vomits in Vash's mouth in the middle of a kiss. Vash treats this man to a drink in the local bar, and he finds out that this drunk is the legendary gunsmith Frank Marlon, the one who he'd come to the town looking for. Frank Marlon seems to have given up on life itself however, as he indirectly refuses to fix Vash's gun. Frank and Vash have a good time together in the bar, making quite a spectacle of themselves, much to Meryl's dismay as they walk home while she patrols the streets. Once they reach Frank's house, he explains to Vash that he doesn't do anything but drink because whenever someone is helped, someone else always suffers. When Frank passes out, Vash reflects on something he had heard earlier about Frank's wife and kid getting killed in a bank robbery by one of his guns. Vash leaves without a goodbye the next morning, and Frank wakes up to find Vash's gun. He hears some commotion and goes outside to find the bank being robbed. He talks to Vash, who despite Frank's protest, goes in to stop the robbers unarmed (well, you know. Not COMPLETELY unarmed, but without the silver gun). Motivated by Vash's courage, Frank helps Vash to stop the bank robbers. At the end, Vash is drunk yet again, and as he stumbles outside, Frank gives him his fixed gun back. The episode ends with Frank swearing off alcohol and Vash vomiting in a corner.
    This was a GREAT episode. We are introduced to Vash's drunkenness. We meet the first life he impacts significantly. We find out he needs people to fix his gun. We find out he VOMITS. Ooh... aah. The first thing I'd like to comment on for this episode rant though is Vash's uncanny ability to significantly affect the lives of others being unearthed for the first time. Yes this is the first time, but not the last. Poor Frank Marlon, I really felt for the guy. His wife and kid were killed by bank robbers that he had provided with guns made from his own hand. I don't blame him for doing nothing but drinking. His philosophy made me think too, the whole "Whenever you help someone, someone else always suffers. So that's why I don't do nothin'" spiel. Didn't phase Vash, but it makes you think a little bit. Is that true? Probably not -_-; Despite this man's grim outlook on life, Vash managed to convert him when he confronted the bank robbers with nothing but his finger. Frank saw the reason to stick his neck out for people when the situation isn't equal, and he held up the robbers with his finger as well. Then the whole town whipped out their Frank Marlon specials and the robbers went running. Frank cleaned up his act and fixed Vash's gun for him. Unfortunately, Frank has no idea that this man was Vash the Stampede. Funny how the people that he helps at the beginning mostly never bother to ask his name (save for Frank, but he never really got it since Vash vomited after he asked). Frank Marlon was definitely a very interesting man, possibly my most favored Vash life turnaround victim yet. Anyway, since that has nothing really to do with Vash save he turned his life around, on to the next topic of discussion: Public drunkenness! For the first time, but again not the last, Vash gets plastered. For some reason, I love it when Vash drinks. There's something about it... perhaps it's because he's comitting a somewhat sinful act and this makes him normal or fallable... I dunno. I would think hitting on girls would be similar in the sin aspect, but perhaps it's justified that I don't find this as awe-inspiring as drinking. Maybe hitting on girls is expected since Vash is a handsome bishounen and all. What I do know is that Vash spends the better part of this episode drunk. I find this humerous. Sometimes it makes me wonder though... like when he was really happy-drunk at Frank's house, then when Frank made the comment about suffering and helping going hand and hand, he suddenly sat up, pretty aware. So is he REALLY drunk, or just faking it? Will we ever know? Will the show ever go into a deep evaluation of Vash's drinking habit? THAT would be something I'd like to see. The last analysis bit for this episode will be the bank robbers themselves. At this point, I was starting to ask myself why all these ungodly freaks were always going after Vash. So far we've had that huge fat guy with the green hair who's name escapes me at the moment, and the scary short guy who hoarded water and kept 4 guns concealed in his coat. This episode brings the scariest villians yet to the series, with their lighter pistols, bigass guns, and freaky mannerisms. Of course, the villians get much, MUCH worse after this (the biggest freak still being Brilliant Dynamites Neon in episode 7 in my opinion), but I was beginning to pick up on the slightly damaged villians even at this early point in the series.

And my now-traditional final words: Vash gets very, VERY drunk. This alone makes the whole episode worthwile. Go watch it now. Odds are I probably am right now.