EPISODE 9: Murder Machine

    What can I say about this one except that it's the first appearance of Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a person that will become VERY important as the series wears on ^_^; Also in this episode is a glimpse of exactly HOW weird and complicated Vash's past might be, and also an extremely funny scene that I personally like ^_^;
    I'll try my best to summarize, my mad Trigun skillz seem to be leaving me, but I hate leaving things unfinished, so I'm gonna keep plugging away on these episodes until I finish them! I watched this episode last week, so it's shouldn't be too bad ^_^; Anyway, it opens with Vash, Meryl, and Millie riding on a bus with several other people that were on the sandsteamer that narrowly missed being cracked open in the Inora Precipice. Apparently Vash had paid the Insurance Girl's way to ride the bus, and was none too pleased about them owing him money. Millie had cried until he paid for their passage ^_^ They promised to pay him back once they came into town, though. When Vash was explaining very slowly and carefully to Millie that she WOULD pay him back, she wasn't really paying attention, and asked him for water, to which he got exasperated and started yelling. Meryl came out of the bathroom and bonked him on the head and told him to be quiet because all the people had just gone through a massive ordeal, then she adressed the bus and told them that he wouldn't bother them anymore. Vash rubbed his head and looked out the window and exclaimed when he saw something, which earned him another punch from Meryl. He DID point it out though, and it turned out to be... Wolfwood! The bus driver comments that it was one heck of a well-prepared dead guy, because when they approached him, he wasn't moving, just leaning on his cross ^_^; They all get back on the bus, and Wolfwood introduces himself, then thanks Millie and Meryl for coming to rescue him. They tell him it was Vash that saw him when he was only a tiny glint on the horizon. At this point, Wolfwood had guzzled all of Vash's water, so Vash was kinda leaning over his lap and licking at the lip of the canteen ^_^; Wolfwood asked what Vash's name was, and Vash eagerly jumped up and gave him a very long, very fake name. Meryl quickly corrected him and told Wolfwood he was Vash the Stampede, to which Vash and Wolfwood started having a very strained conversation, which ended in hysterical laughter for some reason. Meryl just said "Birds of a feather will flock together" ^_^; Later, the bus stops for a break and all the occupants can be seen outside. Wolfwood begs the bus driver to let him on with a minimum fare, and when he does, Wolfwood offers him the services of his portable confessional! Hooray for the portable confessional! Vash sees this scene play out and asked about why he was a traveling priest, to which Wolfwood replied he was about trying to get money for a poor orphanage he worked at. Wolfwood then noticed some hungry children and split some candybars or something with them ("one for you, one for you, and this one's for me") while Vash watched. Vash was grinning from ear to ear when Wolfwood came back, and Wolfwood said that was the first time he'd seen Vash smile like he meant it, he usually looked very sad for some reason. Vash stared at him for a minute, but they were interrupted by a commotion over a guy who had been very, very wounded by SOMETHING. Everyone was very concerned, and some even started pointing fingers or large stun guns (ie Millie at Vash). They hurriedly got everyone back on the bus and left, to which the bus driver was lamenting picking up the cheap priest and veering so far off course ^_^; After the bus had started off and they were tending to the wounded man, the mother of the children whom Wolfwood had given the food earlier started panicking and noticed that one of her girls was missing. Simultaneously, Vash and Wolfwood yelled "Take care of the wounded man!" and jumped out the moving bus's window. They both took note of the other being there, then Wolfwood started yelling and looked after the bus, where his weapons were. Vash tossed him a knife and told him that he would have gone anyway. They walk for a bit, then come across some spider machines. Vash knows exactly how they work, and also knew how to disable them. He commented that they shouldn't be operational after all this time. When they spotted the girl, Vash launched a full-out assault on the machines, firing shots so fast they sounded like a single gunfire and pinpointing the lenses on the machines. The one time he slipped up, Wolfwood backed him up. Vash had backed up Wolfwood as he was acting as a diversion earlier in a similar manner ^_^; When they rescued the girl, they disabled the last of the machines by doing something in the air, but unfortunately they landed in quicksand and yelled as they swirled down below the surface. The girl just wached in awe and commented that it was an embarrassing way to go ^_^ They landed in a hallway with some more machines, and they took off running, trying to blame each other for their current predicament. They take a rest, where Wolfwood splits the last one of his food bars with Vash (but takes the larger piece for himself ^_^;). They talk about gambling, Vash saying he'd lost several thousand Double Dollars at gambling, but still had some left. Wolfwood asked where the cards were, and Vash showed him his gun and bullets and handed it to him, telling Wolfwood to back him up while he went in. Wolfwood refused, saying he'd never fired a gun, but Vash insisted. Wolfwood said a mantra before Vash went off to fight. Vash asked if it worked, and Wolfwood replied that if you believed, it did. Vash told him it was a wonderful mantra, then the fighting starts. They went into a room where Wolfwood sat on a catwalk and picked off the machines as they headed for Vash. Vash noted that Wolfwood shot very, VERY well and that he was no ordinary priest. After awhile the machines cornered Wolfwood and he ran out of bullets. One of them also got to Vash and asked for his ID. It doesn't show what happens, but we hear several gunshots ring out, and we see the machines fall and Vash's arm smoking. Wolfwood just stares after him as Vash walks into a room and shuts down all the machinery. Wolfwood goes down to the ground level and asks Vash what he did. Vash refuses to answer, saying it must've been a miracle. Their talk is disrupted by Millie's stun gun firing through the ceiling and causing it to cave in on the pair ^_^; Later they're on the bus, and Wolfwood falls asleep on Millie, much to her embarassment. Meryl comes out of the bathroom (yet again), and sighs angrily as she sits with Vash. Meryl talks about how annoying Wolfwood is, and comments that he's like someone else she knows. Vash says they ought to tell him off. Later, they arrive in town, and Wolfwood gets his cross back, the luggage man commenting on how heavy it is (Wolfwood says it's because it's full of mercy), and Vash demands his money from the Insurance Girls. The end.
    Hooray! Wolfwood! I've been waiting so long to do an analysis of Wolfwood's role... of course, I didn't really HAVE to wait, I was just being lazy. Anyway, Wolfwood is, needless to say, probably the second biggest influence on Vash after Rem. Wolfwood has some of the same ideas and styles that Vash himself has, but their schools of thought differ fundamentally on several major points. However, I can't get into them now, basically because they weren't covered in this episode. Only the similarities between the two were noted, so I'll talk about those. What are those similarities, you may ask? Well, one is that they can read people very, very well. In fact, Wolfwood himself is the only one who's able to read Vash up to this point. He says that Vash always smiles and seems happy, but holds a lot of pain. Which is, as we find out later, very accurate. Vash too, can read wolfwood, but not to that extent (at least that we see in the episode, anyway). Vash notes that Wolfwood doesn't seem like an ordinary priest. They also overlap in they're both out for noble causes. Vash tries his hardest to save everyone who's path he runs across and seems to be in trouble. Wolfwood is out trying to earn money for the orphans at an orphanage out in the middle of nowhere. Both their hearts bleed ^_^; Also, they both stick their necks out to save that little girl. Wolfwood does this unarmed, Vash sees that he would have done it anyway and DOES arm him. They bicker quite often throughout the episode, and we see that they are very similar in their goofiness as well. Also their gunmanship and marksmanship is unrivaled; Vash was able to nail the lenses of those machines with his bullets, as was Wolfwood. Wolfwood also nailed them by throwing a knife. There's also more to both of them than there seems to be in this episode, but again, we don't find that out 'til much later in the series. Hmm... another good point in this episode (besides Wolfwood), is that we get another look into Vash's past. We are even more mystified at this point, because, for some reason, Vash knows what those spider things are. He knows how to destroy them, and he knows why they're there. The spider things probably also know who he is, because the scene cuts away when it asks for Vash's ID (although that's just speculation). Also, we get a flash of something mysterious about him, since his arm's smoking, mysterious gunshots fire out that didn't come from Wolfwood, and the machines are laying in smoking heaps in front of both Wolfwood and Vash. What's up with that? Vash refused to tell Wolfwood about it. So we get another taste of something we know nothing about. Also in this episode Vash admits that he hates being introduced as "Vash the Stampede", when Meryl calls him such in front of Wolfwood. Hmmm... something else I should talk about is the relationship between Vash and Wolfwood at this point (no, I don't mean yaoi). Now, their relationship is difficult for me to pin down during the entire series. This episode is no different. At times, it seems as if they understand each other perfectly, and their actions are exactly in line with each other. There are times when they seem like the best of friends. Then there are the other times. When Wolfwood first finds out Vash is the infamous outlaw, he says something about shooting him dead on the spot and collecting the reward for himself, and keeps joking about it. This obviously annoys Vash, and Wolfwood persists on. Vash starts laughing sarcastically at him, and Wolfwood joins in, and the conversation dissolves into both of them laughing hysterically. Well, I was going to use that as a con point, but I guess it serves as a metaphor for their relationship through the entire series... strained and mismatched at many times, but I guess friends in the end. Anyway, going back to the cons, Wolfwood also pokes fun at Vash against his will when he finds out that Vash was wounded, shot by BDN a few days before. The two fight as they're running down the corridor just as they entered the underground complex, Wolfwood trying to blame Vash for being down there. Wolfwood takes the larger portion of the food for himself. Wolfwood yells at Vash when he won't tell him what he did to destroy the machines. They fight a lot, and yet... they fit together so well and get along at times. It hurts to think about it, especially since they do that all the way through -_-; That's just our first taste. It hurts to think about, but it's fun to watch. Everyone loves Wolfwood and Vash ^_^

So yea, WOLFWOOD! Hooray for Wolfwood! Another taste of the past, and an introduction to Wolfwood! I guess those are the main themes for the episode, no? Next we get more Wolfwood and a really cool shootout contest! Hooray! On to Episode 10!