This is the small section I decided to dedicate to fanart and fanfics of the Vash persuasion. If you'd like to donate anything to this cause, send it to and I'll have it up asap! PLEASE send in some stuff? Please? I'll cry, and so will Vash. You don't wanna see Vash cry, do you?

+ Color Vash - This is by a friend of mine, Jaimielee! 'Tis a nifty color drawing of Vash ^_^
+ Black & White - Another by Jaimielee, this one a drawing of Vash's head, in full-blown bishounen mode ^_^
+ Quick Sketch - This one is by me, and is a little scribble drawing I did of his head in less than 30 seconds. I don't like it too much >_<;
+ Sexy Vash - Hooray! The first submission to this page! This is a really good drawing of Vash's head by sakura. I like his hair ^_^
+ Oekaki Vash - An oekaki Vash by me. Several inconsistencies, but he has his glasses ^_^;
+ Maximum - Another by Jaimielee! This is Maximum Vash weilding a gun.
+ Head - This is another drawing by Jaimielee! Hooray! ^_^ This one's a drawing of Vash's head.
+ CG - Another submission! These make me so happy ^_^ I must apologise to Leigh for the delay in getting this up here... I hate my E-mail service >_<; This is a BEAUTIFUL CG of Vash that I love dearly ^_^
+ old couple - The first fanart submission in forever, and it's done by one of my old friends, Shadowcat! Hooray! This is a watercolor-type drawing of what Vash and Meryl would look like as an aged couple.
+ shave - This is another basic oekaki doodle, and another by Shadowcat ^_^ This one was done off of a screencap of Vash shaving.
+ bookworm - This is the most AMAZING drawing, also done by Shadowcat. It is a very, very complex pencil drawing of Vash in the sand reading a book without his shirt on, and also with Kuroneko ^_^

-Vash the Stampede - This is a sonnet written by Jaimielee, a very nifty 14-line tribute ^_^
-Sorrow's End - This is a BEAUTIFUL, slightly yaoi-ish fic by The Flaming Coffeepot of Doom about Vash's eden. I beg you to read it, it's worth your while ^_^
-Outside of Time - This is my own stab at fanfiction, so I can't say much for the quality -_-; It's kind of a sad fic about Vash a long ways into the future.
-A Long Night's Wait - This is a lovely Vash fic-in-progress by Fishguts. It has Vash, Knives, Insurance Girls, and lots of angst ^_^
-Legato Bluesummers: An Autobiography - This fic, although focusing on Legato, is in this archive because it's during the moment right before he dies, and also because it's well written and I like it ^_^ It's by Legato's Koneko, and is basically Legato reflecting on his past ^_^