In my opinion, no shrine is complete without a gallery full of eye candy. Thankfully, after waiting 8 months to get an artbook, it finally came! This gallery should be chock full of many, MANY scans from there, as well as any other little odds and ends from ads, video art, and the like. Since I did scan these all in myself ('cept the poster), you can take some, but I'll ask if you'd not take them ALL for use in a gallery, and please credit my site if you do end up using some. You can use them for layouts and stuff too if you want, although the image quality is awful. I hope to get some manga soon so I can get scans from that and make the gallery even bigger! If you have any donations, PLEASE send them to me, and you'll be my friend forever more. Vash will love you, too.

Metallic Cards:
The $$60,000,000,000 Man
Lost Past
Gung-Ho Guns
Angel Arms
Project Seeds
Puppet Master
volume 8 features Millions Knives

Vash Wanted Poster - Poster available from The Right Stuf, where I ripped the image, but they probably won't mind since I bought it from them as well ^_^

Advertisment - This is an ad off a REALLY old Animerica Extra featuring the same pic on the first video, except in ad form. Be advised, this is a HUGE file.
Front & back of a guitar giveaway ad that came with Angel Arms

SD Vash 1 - This is the little SD Vash off the back of the first video ^_^
SD Vash 2 - This is the one off the back of the 4th video, the "Deadly Dodgeball Head."
SD Vash 3 - This is off the back of the 7th video, Vash without the red coat.

Artbook Scans:
cover - Some of the writing was cut off to get more of the image.
poster - Vash and Wolf on a poster featuring mainly M&M
cats - Vash and that rabid-looking bunny/cat hybrid.
over-the-head - Just a boy, his gun, and his glasses.
BDN - Vash and his favorite Neon companion.
knives - Vash, the cross, both guns, and Knives lurking.
insured! - A big Vash with smaller insurance girls.
contrast - one of my most favorite images.
gun - just his silver gun, but I liked the technique.
kick - a midair gundrawn kick. That's talent.
pretty - Vash holding Wolf's cross with Knives again.
decartes - Vash sitting on Decartes' head.
duo - Vash and Wolf with their weapons of choice.
family - They're all just one big happy family.
big gun - agitated Vash with Legato and Knives in the background.
skin - Vash pointing his gun at you.
silhouette - Vash silhouetted against the moon.
pointing - Vash points confidently.
somber - Vash looking serious.
puppy - stripped naked and barking like a dog.
close gun - A closeup of his gun.
midair - Deep Space Midair Gun Action.
sad - Trying to decide whether to shoot Monev the Gale.
scary - Sometimes he's just scary...
dodgeball - the deadly dodgeball head in action.
tanked - a little plastered.
manuever - Vash dodges something, I'm sure.
youth - a pic of Vash and Knives as kids.
parting - Rem and Vash part ways for the last time.
tears - Vash cries after loosing Rem.
collage - Vash and Knives fight as kids.
kids - More Vash and Knives as kids, collage-ized.
apple - Vash and Knives gaze at an apple, still kids.
reunion - Vash takes up arms again after August.
glitter - Vash sparkles tucked in bed.
pain - Vash clutches his arm in pain.
teamwork - Wolf & Vash take care of business.
hug - Vash gives Lina a hug.
reaction - Vash while forming the Angel Arm.
babies - Vash and Knives' baby picture o_O;
look - one of those serious looks
glint - the glint off the gun
hide - hiding behind rocks
thumbs up - Vash reveals his goofiness after a fleeting moment of seriousness
pushup - pushing the glasses up
sincere - a sincere look, probably hitting on someone ^_^
yup - I was right, there she is
bishounen - things go floaty
flathead - Vash gets the style washed out of his hair
dejavu - a girl dressed like Vash!
weep - and the bandit gently weeps with Vash ruining the moment in the back
mouth - extreme closeup of Vash's mouth
holdup - Vash against the odds
serious - interesting shot of Vash aiming
... - one of those looks
hand - Vash dismissing something... maybe
exasperated - someone stressing Vash out for a change
sun - rays of sun beat down on him
laugh - drunk again
trashcan head - closely related to dodgeball head
drinking - in the act of getting drunk
bishounen - sparkle sparkle
glasses - Vash puts on the glasses
looking - looking down the barrel of his gun
out of focus - out of focus on a split screen as he draws his gun
ketchup - laying in a pool of... blood?
scary - a scary face
...scary - just a frightening face
casual - headshot against the blue sky
serious - gets serious... or something
vogue - striking a pose
twisted fight - fighting with that scary costumed man
covered - in a loose brown wrap
hug - Vash hugging the plant manager
holy - talking with the plant
light - looking from the plant's pov

sketch1 - the first in the series of character sketches of miscellaney
sketch2 - second sketch of miscellaney
sketch3 - more miscellaneous sketches...
sketch4 - ...and more
sketch5 - ...and more
sketch6 - still more
sketch7 - boy, these things go on forever
sketch8 - you may be here scrolling all day
sketch9 - but all good things must come to an end eventually
sketch10 - including character sketches (last one in this set!)
sketch11 - ah, but more sets cometh
sketch12 - wrapped, nekked, and his boot
sketch13 - barechested and in plainclothes
sketch14 - GIANT sketch of the Angel Arm transformation
sketch15 - Vash as a lad and his silver gun