The obligatory links section. This will stay small until I get the site on its feet a little more, and then I'll add some more links ^^; For now, here's a few of the more interesting pages on offer, as well as some buttons to link back here if you're so inclined ^_^.

this looks crappy against the not-quite-black background, doesn't it?  oh well...I like this one best ^_^

Trigun Machine - A big general Trigun site. Image gallery, merchandise info, fanart, wallpapers, and much more in the way of general goodness.

Haunting Garden - Lookie! Knives has a shrine of his very own! There's some Knives info and some fanfics, but don't go if you don't wanna be spoiled ^_^

Up in Smoke - A really nifty page with screencaps from every episode, e-mail addresses (I would get vashstalker, but I dislike, essays, and other stuff I can't remember at the moment.

Happy Donut Land - A place to adopt adorable Trigun Chibis ^_^ I couldn't help myself.

Make a Little Lightbulb in Your Soul - This is a sweet page. It's got manga info, translations for interviews, translations for drama tracks, and monthly Trigun chapter translations. Go and worship NOW.

The Hastily-Assembled Nicholas D. Wolfwood Shrine - Nifty shrine to Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Has much in the way of info and images.

Love and Peace! - A Trigun site focusing in on the Audio/Visual aspect. Go read the Millions Knives/Sting conspiracy. NOW.

Trigun Maximum - A good site about every aspect of the show maintained by a very nice Japanese woman. Has just about everything you could possibly want in the way of Trigun.

Sound Life - A page full of opinions on the manga and character relations and such. I love it ^_^

Gunshy - This is a wonderful page full of scans from the difficult-to-find Trigun manga. I ADORE Yasuhiro Nightow's style, and this page has more scans than any other I've seen. Go have a look ^_^

Cinders & Smoke - A shiny Wolfwood shrine with a lot to offer in ways of writing and all that is Wolfwood, hence the fact it's a Wolfwood shrine, I suppose ^_^;

Cheers! - A Doujinshi page leaning on the Trigun side, but other series are also there (like Utena). I love Doujinshi!

Sand and Light - 'Tis a very good fanfic continuing the series past episode 26. If you know me, you know how much I love fanfics ^_^

Trigun Realm - This is a massive, MASSIVE information page for Trigun. You can find a lot of things here, such as a drinking game, kuroneko sightings, and just about everything about the Trigun tv series.

Somewhere Between Dream and Duty - ...this is a Vash/Meryl shrine. I do not agree with Vash/Meryl, and prefer Vash/Rem, but this is a very, VERY well done page with lots of content.

Strangers with Donuts - A nice Vash shrine with a lot of random info and many things to do. A lot of the other Vash shrines I had linked here vanished ;_;