The Long Night's Wait

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(Knives thoughts); {Vashís thoughts}

By: Fishguts
The Long Nightís Wait
Part 3

Knives once again faced Rem as a child. She still stood there smiling with her long dark hair flying about her face. Knives glared at her. The same red petals flew about them. This time it was dark, the suns didnít shine and the moons wouldnít glow. Pure darkness, much like his inner self. Rem continued to talk of life, Knives reached for gun. Rem smiled sweetly at him and said "Knives..."

"Bitch!" He yelled as he pulled out his gun and aimed it at her. "Die! This is what you deserve for all that youíve done!" Knives pulled the trigger.

The bullet raced towards Rem as it had before. She remained there and stared smiling at Knives. "Stop staring at me! Why donít you cower like any other pathetic human at the site of their own death coming after them!"

"Knives..." She smiled at him again. "No one has the right to take the life of another" She closed her eyes. The bullet hit her in the chest. She toppled over as the blood poured out and stained her white T-shirt.

"I have the right!" Knives pointed the gun at Remís lifeless body.

Just as he was about to pull the trigger and shoot her one last time, her body was no longer there; it was a small yellow haired boy, lying on the ground soaked in blood.

"What!?" Knives bent down and turned the body over to get a good look at the face.

"What have I done?" He threw the gun across the empty barren desert. Knives looked around, "Where have the flowers gone? Whereís Rem?" He picked the small childís head up off of the ground. The spiky hair was drenched and sticky with blood.

Tears fell from Knivesí eyes, "Vash, what have I done?" Silence filled the air.

Then out of nowhere he heard, "Murderer! Your whole life's a lie! You killed Rem! You killed the crew! You killed them all!" a pause heard in the voice, "Now youíve even managed to destroy me..." Cold silence filled the air.

The darkness began to swallow him whole, the body vanished and all that was left was a small helpless child, with no one left in the dark world.

The sun rose over the empty desert. Vash stood up and walked over to Knives.

Knives sat there and stared into the desert.

"Knives, youíre awake! Thatís great!" Vash said as he sat next to his brother.

"Leave me insect." Knives turned and glared at him.

Vash raised an eyebrow at his brotherís comment.

"Insect?" Vash said. "All I came to tell you was that we are going to be leaving in a few minutes and to get all your... well my stuff that I let you use... together."

Knives only glared at him more. "I said to leave me."

"Whatever you say... but like I said you only have a little while left to sit before we leave."

Vash stood and walked over to the small fire where he had been earlier.

Vash returned to his brother who was now standing. Knives continued to stare into the desert.

(What was the purpose of my dream? To warn me? To tell me? What?)

"Uh..." Vash tapped on Knivesí shoulder, "Knives, its time to go."

Knives nodded, to consumed in his thoughts to pay attention to his other half.

Vash took off walking, not even knowing of his next destination; Knives slowly followed Vash pondering over his dream.

"Hmm... hmm... hmm..." Vash hummed as he marched through the desert.

Knives leaned down and picked up a small round pebble.

(Hehehe! Take this Vash!) Knives pulled his arm back pebble in his fist, then threw it at Vash.

The pebble flew through the air; finally it hit Vash in the head.

:: SMACK!:: "AHHH!!!!!" Vash yelled as he grabbed his head where it had been hit. "Dammit Knives that wasnít funny!"

Knives raised an eyebrow. "It wasnít me."

"Then who the hell was it? Youíre the only one here besides me!" Vash whirled around and faced Knives.

"Does it look like I know?" Knives rolled his eyes as Vash started throwing a hissy fit.

Vashís arms flailed about his head as he incessantly babbled meaningless words. Vash ran around in circles.

(He he he... Thisíll be good...) Knives stuck his foot out as Vash ran by for the 77th time.

Vashís foot hit Knivesí leg; Vash hurtled forward face first into the dry sand.

:: Cough:: ::Cough:: Vash spit the sand out and wiped his face. "Why did you do that?"

"You were making a dammed fool out of yourself."

They continued to trek through the dry barren desert. Knives continued to pester Vash, just to entertain himself. Vash whined and complained at Knivesí antics.

Soon they came upon a small town.

"Alright! Now I can eat!" Vash yelled as he jumped in the air at the thought of food. "Come on Knives! Iíll race ya! First one there wins and the loser pays for the meal!" Vash took off towards the town the dust he kicked up blew towards Knives.

(I guess Iíll have to borrow some money to pay for the food. Oh well.)

Knives began to walk towards the town.

{Hurry up Knives. Iím hungry!} Vash leaned against the town sign.

Knives was almost to the town. (I wonder...)

"Hey Knives! Could you hurry it up a little? Iím a little... no wait... make that VERY hungry!" Vash yelled as he yelled at Knives who was almost to the sign.

Knives reached the sign. "Where are we? Why must we stop?" Knives demanded.

"We are in , and Iím hungry." Vash pointed to his stomach.

"Canít you wait?" Knives said glaring at Vash.

Vash put his hands on his hips and looked at Knives. "No."

Knives let out a heavy sigh. "Fine then can we hurry this up then?"

"Sure! Follow me!" Vash said as he marched into the town.

(Some one save me.)

Reluctantly Knives followed Vash into the small town.

"Oh yeah and Knives, youíre paying."

To be continued...

OK. That was number3! I think Iím doing a little better. But thinking up a conversation between Vash and Knives was just a little difficult