E.G. Mine was shafted when it came to episode airtime. This great man, while it's immediately apparent that he's fit to be star of his own series, was shoved into only two episodes soas not to steal the limelight from that greedy Vash the Stampede. These two episodes, however, prove to be two of the best episodes in the series, right up there with Diablo and Rem Saverem, 12 and 17 respectively. So without further ado, I will summarize these two episodes.

Episode 15: Demon's Eye - He appears briefly in this, when all of the Gung-Ho Guns are taking out the Roderick Gang on top of Jeneora Rock. We see him submerged in the shadows of a house as several members of the Roderick gang look in. Then, he pulls back into the shadows and we see several spikes come out of the house, making the Rodericks pull back and shield their faces as the sharp projectiles fly at them. The only other time we see him is when Midvalley does roll call and we see him flexing his fingers in that alluring way. This episode leaves us with a question mark though: Since his spikes don't even appear to draw blood, let alone KILL anybody, does E.G. Mine follow a similar philosophy to that of Vash the Stampede? Will he not take a life? This made an initial good impression on me, since up to this point I thought Vash was the best character on the show, and anyone who has the same philosophy as Vash is a cool character (ie Rem). So this immediately put E.G. Mine on the same plane as Vash, and it put him just a little over Vash when I saw him flexing his hands with those wires attached. But I really thought quite a bit of him when it was revealed that he could be the Gung-Ho Gun that took a stand against harming people. It takes a lot to join an organization of assassins and not even draw blood... I admire that in a person. After pondering that, it put E.G. Mine WAY above Vash, since even Vash drew blood occasionally, and he was not a professional assassin. In one episode where he had less than five seconds of screentime and no dialouge , E.G. Mine's level of adoration had surpassed even Vash the Stampede's, who had earned his over the course of 15 episodes. Little did I know what a suprise I was in for when he actually talked and did his thing in the next episode.

Episode 16: Fifth Moon - At the beginning of the episode, E.G. Mine gains even more adoration from his legions of fangirls when we actually get to hear him SPEAK! His lilting accent, his choice of words, it was like poetry. You know how when a really cool bishounen talks, sometimes they'll be featured in a shaft of light with their eyes closed and sakura petals blowing in the breeze that ruffles their hair? Yea, it should've been like that when E.G. Mine talked, especially when he started doing his intimidating finger-flex with the wires that fired off his spikes. Or perhaps I just made that bishounen bit up. Who knows. Anyway, there was another remarkable thing about him speaking. He was opposing LEGATO BLUESUMMERS. The guy who can kill people by looking at them funny. Now, we knew from the previous episode that if Legato should suddenly get violent, our Mine friend just wouldn't have the heart to even draw blood, let alone kill or seriously injure Legato. On top of that, if just simply adressing Legato in such a nonchalant way as E.G. Mine did wasn't enough, E.G. actually got Legato to let him have his way! How incredible is that?! We all know that Legato Bluesummers only takes orders from one person, and that's Millions Knives. Does this mean that E.G. Mine is so intimidating that he even surpasses Knives in rank? It must since we never see the two interact. We can only imagine the lovely scene with Knives cowering in fear by being held at needlepoint by E.G. Mine. If only E.G. had been the head villian at the very LEAST, even though he obviously deserved the lead role for his blatant pacificm. Anyway, E.G. Mine asks Legato if he could be the one to kill Vash the Stampede, and Legato relents. Since we have seen that he cannot harm another human being, we're all most likely thinking that he aims to confront Vash and tell him he can now live a peaceful life, since he himself, E.G. Mine, will report back to the Gung-Ho Guns and tell them that he killed Vash the Stampede so that they will stop plaguing Vash. Then the two would join in a brotherly embrace since they're both led by the Love and Peace ideals , they would part ways with a tear in their eyes, and that would be the end of the series. However, that does not come to pass. E.G. confronts Vash in August (I prefer to call it August since that keeps the month trend going [ie July, May, December]. It's also known as Agusta). Vash has already driven all the people out of town so that noone gets hurt, much to E.G. Mine's pleasure since he was obviously going to do that in the first place. Before E.G. can go up and propose his plans of GHG deception, Vash looks up to see the bodies of Dominique the Cyclops and Monev the Gale nailed to a building above him. At this point, we can only imagine a tear coming to E.G. Mine's eye at the death of his esteemed comerades, but this is not shown. His immediate reaction was that another GHG did this awful deed. Not wanting Vash to get upset at one of his fellow coworkers for the evil deed they've done, he steps out of the shadows and confesses that he did the murders himself. A combination of his speech patterns and his menacing finger flex left Vash motionless while E.G. threw empty threats. You may be asking yourself _why_ on Earth E.G. Mine, the one who stands next to God, would be threatening someone, let alone Vash the Stampede, the one he came to liberate. This is because he could sense the approach of one of his comerades, Rai-Dei the Blade, and not wanting him to know about his plan to liberate Vash, he had to threaten his hero. As E.G. kept getting more and more nervous under the scrutinous eye of Rai-Dei, he decided it'd be best to stun Vash so that it would appear that he killed him and Rai-Dei would go away while E.G. stuck around and waited for him to come around so he could reveal his plan to Vash. However, Vash did not catch on to E.G.'s peaceful ways and dodged all the spikes he fired at him. When Rai-Dei approached and said he would take over the battle, it was the worst thing that could happen to E.G., and he admittedly got upset and tried to convince Rai-Dei he had everything under control, which he did . However, Rai-Dei pointed out that Vash had sliced all the straps and wires on his sphere, at which point his sphere fell to the ground in two halves. Since he could no longer do the finger flex thing, and he was so disgruntled by the destruction of his weapon his voice charms no longer worked, Rai-Dei ended up slitting E.G.'s throat and killing him. I couldn't sleep the night after I saw the death of the most pure anime character ever created, and I bid you to never forget the tale behind the malice of E.G. Mine.