You may be wondering who E.G. Mine is, or what the Gung-Ho Guns are, or what on Earth Trigun is. The more probable cause of your curiousity most likely stems from the question why I'd make a shrine to E.G. Mine of all characters. There's an answer here, but for a non- sarcastic answer, there's a section dealing with that question :p If you're already familiar with the series, skip the first two paragraphs below this one (unless you want to read them... I tried to cram the entire series into the first paragraph, and brief descriptions of all the GHG guys in the second). You'll really start seeing my adoration for E.G. Mine in the third and fourth paragraphs below this one.

First off, Trigun is a western about the adventures of a gunman named Vash the Stampede. Vash is an incredible person who's an ace marksman and tends to solve potentially deadly conflicts without getting a scratch on himself or anyone else. He can get out of the worst situations imaginable, and he does this all without taking a life. His achille's heel tends to be that he destroys the town he's in more often than not. Despite the fact that this man apparently does nothing but good for the first half of the series, a new plot twist enters the second half of our beloved Trigun.

Someone or something wants Vash dead. So headed by Legato Bluesummers, a group of 12 gunman simply known as the Gung-Ho Guns are dispatched to track down the Humanoid Typhoon and bring him to someone known only as Knives. There's Legato of course, who has the ability to control people's actions against their will through telepathy; Monev the Gale, a giant man who carries a bigass complicated gun system around on his back and can use them fairly well; Dominique the Cyclops who hypnotizes people with her Demon's Eye so she can sneak up behind them and shoot 'em before they realize it; Rai-Dei the Blade who appears to be a Japanese samurai looking for that thrill you get just before death, he fights with a large samurai sword which will change into a shotgun in a pinch; Leonov the Puppetmaster who controls puppets which are indistinguishable from real people and do his dirty work for him; Hopperd the Gantlet who is a human bullet and can take many people out in one run; Zazie the Beast who controls ungodly giant assassin insects; Chapel the Evergreen who was the mentor to Wolfwood (another main character) and can dissassemble his decieving cross into two giant machine guns; Grey the Ninelives who is a giant robotic killing machine; Caine the Longshot who is a nearly unstoppable and extremely accurate sniper; Midvalley the Hornfreak who destroys people and entire buildings with his wild saxophone riffs, and last (actually third in order of appearance, but last in my description) but not least, E.G. Mine.

Sure, all the other Gung-Ho Guns have a "the Something" at the end of their name ('cept for Legato, but he doesn't count since he's the leader), but of course E.G. doesn't need that since he's cleverly incorperated his fighting style into his name. What kind of fighting style could mine possibly hint at, you ask? Well, E.G. Mine uses a large green sphere with retractable spikes mounted all over it as his means of fighting. He controls these spikes by wires attached to all of his fingers, which he flexes menacingly while he talks. That's right, while all the other GHG's use guns (silly them... what makes them think it's all right to use guns in such a gang as the Gung- Ho Guns?), our pal E.G. uses spikes. In addition to his spikes, our minebuddy also has another weapon in his potent arsenal: his menacing speech patterns. He so eloquently states what his victim's fate will be, he leaves no doubt in their minds what's going to happen to them, yet leaves just enough to the imagination that they won't be quite sure how they will come by their fate, for oftentimes the victims can visualize things far worse than even the superb E.G. Mine can muster. So with a combination of his intimidating spherical spike shooting exterior and his brilliant speech patterns, he strikes fear into the hearts of millions. He even scares Legato into letting hin go after the infamous Humanoid Typhoon Vash the Stampede, but before his battle even begins, the conniving Rai-Dei the blade slits his throat and ends his life and his battle before he even begins to delve into his chance at Vash the Stampede. The outlook looked to be very promising in the favor of E.G. Mine, too. 'Twas a shame his life came to such an abrupt end by a fellow coworker.

Now, before seeing episode 16, I thought Vash was the coolest character in the show, and I even made a shrine to him, but after episode 16, I realized that I was foolishly being led on. Surely this superb spikeman was meant to be the star of the show! Alas, the limelight was cruelly stolen by Vash the Stampede, and he was crammed into a bit role and only appeared in two episodes. However, I've created this page to shed some light on the neglected gunman that is E.G. Mine. Please read on and be blinded by his greatness.