Links links links! What would any page be without links? These are a handful of Trigun links that relate to this little insane slice of web. This is just some randomness, if you want a more comprehensive list, go to my Vash page, listed at the very bottom ^_^; There's also a link button below all the links that you can use to link this page... All links will open in a new window.

Happy Donut Land - What would any Trigun links page be without THE place to adopt little Trigunners?
Up in Smoke - Lots of screencaps, fanart, and amusing writings. She had a nekked pic of Vash up for awhile as her entrance, so this page will forever remain on my lists of links.
Make a Little Lightbulb in Your Soul - Mmm... fresh manga translations along with amusing and informative Trigun commentary.
Gunshy - Mmm... lots and lots of manga scans ^_^
Sound Life - FANFICS! FANFICS! FANFICS! Also editorials and many other readables.
Compact Size! - This is one of the finalizing points in my decision to make this shrine. This would be a shrine to the portable confessional. Go worship after you're done worshiping E.G. Mine.
Deus ex Machina - The shrine that knocks out all other webpages with its astounding glory and mountains of information... well, not really. My other Trigun page to my true favorite character ^_^