One of the finer points of E.G. Mine's performance was his eloquent speech pattern delivered in a respectable, sexy voice. Since I believe we should take everything that E.G. Mine says very, VERY seriously and to heart, here's a list of quotes straight from his mouth. More will be here as soon as I dig out my Fifth Moon tape and rewatch it, for now these are the ones I saw fit to put even in my paltry, useless Vash shrine.

"In this game, loosers don't get to go home. They go to Hell." - One of E.G. Mine's initial lines when first confronting Vash. If you look closely, you can see Vash's blood run cold at his very appearance and delivery of this line.

"Damn, you're a noisy one, aren't you? What if I did, chicken shit?" - Vash gets a little upset about E.G. Mine killing Monev the Gale and Dominique the Cyclops, but as soon as our hero delivers this athoratative line, Vash is immediately silenced and realizes the error in his system of beliefs: If E.G. Mine kills people, it must be OK. Of course, since we know that E.G. would never kill people, we can only assume that another GHG killed them (probably that bastard Rai-Dei) and hung them up there, but since E.G. is such a kind soul, he took credit for the murders so that Vash would not act out against any of his other fellow coworkers. XD I'm ejoying this way too much.

"Woah cowboy, don't be such a Drama Queen." - E.G. reveals that he's the only one in the show that can get away with using the phrase "Drama Queen." In fact, coming from him, it sounds like a compliment he's giving Vash.