At this point, you may be asking yourself what I could possibly be on to hold even an ounce of respect for E.G. Mine. The truth is, I do not . All this time I've really only been leading you on. I know, I know, you're shocked and appalled. The truth is, when I saw episode 15, I laughed because it seemed that the only one who wasn't causing any damage whatsoever was E.G. Mine. When he spoke in the next episode, I was lost in fits of hysterical laughter. I didn't catch the finger flex until I saw it a second time, but that only added to it. That was actually even funnier because he did it in such a way as to make it look threatening. When Vash sliced all his wires and straps, the look on his face was priceless. On top of his voice and his finger flex, there was the fact that he was immediately killed by his associate Rai-Dei the Blade. The only thing that escapes me is how he killed those other two Gung-Ho Guns. Surely Monev could've crushed him with his thumb and forefinger, and Dominique could've escaped rather easily o_O; His build also cracked me up. He was a tall, lanky guy that had NOTHING after his green thing went down, and he didn't use a gun despite the fact he was one of the Gung-Ho Gun assassins. So all these things add up to probably one of the most unintentionally funny characters I've ever seen. The only thing is I believe you have to watch the dub to get the full effect, since the thing that grabs you the most is his voice and lines. "Woah Cowboy, don't be such a Drama Queen" speaks for itself.

This page exists when I was bored one day after watching Angel Arms a couple days before to get the synopsis for my Vash page. My graphics editor wasn't working, which ceased all work on other pages. I was wandering around trying to think of something to do, and while reading through quotes on my Vash page, I realized I could do a shrine to E.G. Mine based solely on his charming voice and approximately 5 minutes of screentime. People have worked with far less. This page's content was typed up in about two hours, and the layout was done in about a half hour. Unfortunately, the two were done about a week apart since the layout required use of my graphics editor. So this page was completed and uploaded on April 8, 2001. It has the dubious honor, gag shrine or no, of being the first shrine to a Gung-Ho Gun (Legato doesn't count since he's the leader). I think that's about it. Oh yes, I'd also like to issue a formal apology for my long winded, embellished sarcasm.