The multimedia section will consist of one or two randomly rotated MP3s from the soundtrack CDs as well as some wallpaper and winamp skins of the Vash persuasion (hopefully ^_^;). Since I have no video capture device or equipment for capturing stuff from the anime, this is the best I can do, sorry ^^; The old mp3 files will be deleted when a new file is featured due to a lack of space, sorry! All mp3s are zipped, just right click and save. For the Wallpapers, click the link, then right click and select "set as wallpaper", k? If you have any Vash wallpaper or winamp skins, please, PLEASE, by all means, send them to and I will post them in this fairly small section. I will also be your friend forever.

MP3 Selection

Hash Hash - I love this song, and I don't know why. It alternates making you wanna jump up and fight somebody, and being a very calming song. It's used several times in the series, but I can't think of any specific episodes right now ^_^;


Underneath the Endless Blue Sky... - This is a nifty wallpaper featuring the eyecatch art with the Rem cloud/gerainium scene. 'Tis pretty ^_^ Compliments of Structure and ^_^

The face - This is a good wallpaper, black with a pattern and Vash's head tinted red off to the right. Again you must thank and Structure.

Wanted - Ooh, I really like this one! It has the pencilboard Vash art with a wanted message meshed in with a grid. Very high-tech and cool-looking. Compliments of again ^_^

Angel Arm - This one's of Vash's Angel Arm, and if you haven't already spoiled yourself silly around the site, don't look, but for anyone else, it's a really cool one featuring Angel Arm art and the action figure Vash. Again, this was made by Hooray!

The Gun - This is a wallpaper made from a much enlarged version of my favorite Vash pic, the one on the first video *drools* From Love and Peace!

The Bishounen Pose - A black & white Vash looking very pretty against a red background, again compliments of Love and Peace! Go there for more Trigun wallpapers.

Side Shot - Vash flying in from the side and shooting two guns with the yellow glasses on ^_^ This one comes again from Love and Peace! You really must go there, it's a wonderful Trigun site.

The Gang - This is everyone, but Vash is in the center scrutinizing Kuroneko-sama. Very nifty, and again from Love and Peace! You must thank the creator of all four, Kachi.

Paint it Black - This one's my first attempt at a Trigun wallpaper, and is kinda eh. The lyrics are from Paint it Black, by the Rolling Stones, as seen in the essay section. I like the way the edited images came out, but I'm not too sure about the overall effect.