Quotes by or about Vash that I particularly liked ^_^ The little end quote/trailer things get their own page (trailers) since I think they're especially cool. There's quite a few here, at least a couple from every episode in the series, so enjoy!

"*gasps* I thought I was gonna suffocate a minute there!" - Vash's first line of the series, The $$60,000,000,000 Man

"They say he showed up in Felnarl, didn't you hear about it?"
"No, what happened?"
"Funny thing is, they say nobody died."
"Y'mean like you don't need God for a miracle?"
- Two random men talk of Vash, The $$60,000,000,000 Man

"That droopy-eyed cocky upside-down haired women-chasing lunatic who's nuts for donuts and gorges them like a starved hog in heat you honestly think it's him?!" - Meryl Stryfe questioning Vash's identity, Truth of Mistake

"I'm, uh... diligently patrolling the roof area for spooks! Yea, that's it!" - Vash after being caught hanging outside a woman's bedroom, Truth of Mistake

"Thoughts of home, be them good or bad, are positive indicators of a journey of the heart." - Vash dispensing philosophical advice, Truth of Mistake

"You're the easily decived type that cries himself to sleep every night, aren't you?" - Meryl Stryfe after Vash put his trust in Maryanne, Truth of Mistake

"He reads the trajectory of the bullets by watching the gun movements and timing! Insane!" - Mr. Cliff admiring Vash's ability to dodge bullets, Truth of Mistake

"There goes the bodyguard with no name." - Maryanne watching Vash walk away, Truth of Mistake

"You never know when Vash the Stampede'll show up and then 'KABOOM!'"
"Oh, hi Vash!"
- Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson respectively, Vash makes an unschedueled appearance, Peacemaker

"...The situation is not equal." - Vash after Frank Marlon asked him why he's getting involved, Peacemaker

"...What are you going to do with that gun?" - Frank Marlon after fixing Vash's handgun, Peacemaker

"Y'know, I've been going through a lotta Hell since I met the two of you."
"We're the ones who are in Hell, you idiot!"
- Vash and Meryl respectively, Love and Peace

"You know what friend? Anyone ever tell you you lack compassion?" - Vash while staring down the barrel of his gun, Love and Peace

"This guy really IS a stupid-ass!" - Random gunman about Vash not shooting someone, Love and Peace

"It's not an easy thing to escape a past you can't bury..." - Vash's line to Bowstock's daughter, Love and Peace

"Relax Sheriff, I'm not going to kill you. However, you..."
"No longer have the right to be Sheriff!"
- Vash and Meryl punishing a rouge Sheriff, Love and Peace

"I'm like a hunter of peace. One who chases the elusive mayfly of love... or something like that." - Vash, Hard Puncher

"It seems very odd you consider yourself a gunman." - Random man, Hard Puncher

"Why does this keep happening to me I haven't done anything wrong but I'm always in trouble and everyone's always picking on me and what do I do mama?" - Vash while running from a town, Hard Puncher

"Who's idea was it to use the grenades? He can't be identified for the reward if he's a pile of pulp you dumbass!" - Unidentified townsperson while searching for Vash, Hard Puncher

"I understand your situation better than you know. But until I see this man you're after, I have no choice but to keep moving. Now please, for the love of God, don't shoot that gun." - Vash addressing some women with guns, Hard Puncher

"Hey, wataminnit... isn't there something wrong with this picture? They must know that man can't be him! Vash the Stampede is a horrible fiend! If you get in his way, he can destroy cities, and he can get out of the worst situations imaginable. Even if he was up against a thousand men, he'd find a way to emerge without a scratch. That's... that's who... *gasp* That's him... Vash the Stampede!" - Meryl realizes the blonde man in the red coat is Vash the Stampede, Hard Puncher

"Vash the Stampede. Age unknown, origin unknown. No permanent address. Wanted for the murder of Count Lebanon Vasquez and under suspicion of class G weapon damage. They will pay sixty billion double dollars for you dead or alive." - Elizabeth speaks of Vash's record, Lost July

"Do you know anything about plants, Mr. Vash?"
"Uh... aren't they like, uh, lost technology from a hundred years ago or something like that?"
- Elizabeth and Vash playing dumb respectively, Lost July

"I don't like sleeping with men, especially ugly ones." - Vash while being attacked in his bedroom, Lost July

"I want you to die for what you did on stardate 0104 July 21st, 2:06 pm. Don't you remember? I think that you would because that was the day you earned your first criminal record. That's right, that day you transformed the third city of July, my hometown, into nothing less than hell itself." - Elizabeth to Vash, Lost July

"I'm very sorry that I didn't die. I just couldn't allow everyone in the city to be destroyed." - Vash to Elizabeth after escaping the plant, Lost July

"It's really too bad, isn't it?"
"Yea, you don't get a chance to sleep with a guy like that everyday."
- Two very disappointed prostitutes, B.D.N.

"Couldn't I be regretting it? Just a little?" - Vash pondering his decision to fake sleep and refuse the aforementioned prostitutes, B.D.N.

"Oh boy I'm dead. Noone's dumb enough to buy such a lame story. It's the worst one I've ever some up with."
"It's all right, I understand. It must have been so hard! Don't worry, I'll protect you!"
"Whoa, is this guy for real?"
- Kaito, Vash, and Kaito respecively as Kaito tries to justify stowing away, B.D.N.

"You're very serious-minded, aren't you Vash?" - Rem in Vash's dream, B.D.N.

"Why can't I just get a break? Death and poverty like me so much they brought friends!" - Vash upon realizing everything's going to Hell around him yet again, And Between the Wasteland and Sky...

"What... are... you... get... ting... all... senti... mental... on... me... for... you... little... squirt!" - Vash while beating his head against Kaito's, And Between the Wasteland and Sky...

"Just who the hell are you anyway?"
"I'd explain it to you, but you wouldn't believe me."
- Kaito and Vash while discussing some lost technology, And Between the Wasteland and Sky...

"I made a promise. If I put out even one flame of life, it would make her sad." - Vash explaining why he doesn't shoot to kill, And Between the Wasteland and Sky...

"The ticket to the future is always open." - Vash spouting some Rem-ism, And Between the Wasteland and Sky...

"That is one heck of a well-prepared dead guy" - Random man upon seeing Wolfwood slumped in front of his cross, Murder Machine (has nothing to do with Vash, but is probably one of my favorite quotes in the series ^_^)

"I am known as Valetinez Alkalenela Zeehock Sushira Boherez Gombigomela Blue Stradavari Tralentrent Pierre Andre Charttenhemos E'Vonnivitchi Baldos George Doitzel Kaizer the third. Don't hesitate to call." - Vash giving a pseudonym to Wolfwood, Murder Machine

"They seem to be getting along really well."
"Birds of a feather will flock together."
- Milly and Meryl respectively about the wildly cackling Wolfwood and Vash, Murder Machine

"Well I'll be. I'm actually suprised you can smile like that."
"What do you mean?"
"You had me kinda worried. I noticed you always smile and seem really friendly, but the way you smiled was so empty it hurt to watch you. You hurting like crazy inside, yet you grin and bear it."
- A conversation started by Wolfwood to Vash, Murder Machine

"Why doesn't anything nice follow you?"
"I know, it's a real drag, isn't it?"
- Meryl and Vash respectively about the spider machines, Murder Machine

"What an embarrassing way to go." - Sandy, an observant little girl about Vash and Wolfwood getting sucked into quicksand after rescuing her, Murder Machine (again, little to do with Vash, but I thought it was hilarious)

"It's your fault, do something!"
"You fell in all by yourself!"
"You're the outlaw!"
"What's that go to do with anything?!"
- Wolfwood and Vash exchange lines about the spider machines, Murder Machine

"You can stop now, there's noone left to protect. Goodnight..." - Vash while powering down the spaceship, Murder Machine

"Boy that guy sure has a lot of nerve. Actually he reminds me of someone I know."
"Yea, isn't he horrible? I think we should tell him off. Yea, let's do that."
- Meryl and Vash respectively about Wolfwood, Murder Machine

"My name is Vash the Stampede. I have been a hunter of peace, chasing the elusive mayfly known as love for many many moons now. There is no rest for me in my search of peace. I meditate diligently every morning, the subjects are life and love. I quit after three seconds. In my search for peace I also train diligently. I've also made it my mission to teach the precious value of peace to the children who will one day own the World. I will say it again: My name is Vash the Stampede. I am a hunter of peace, chasing the mayfly known as love." - Vash's commentary during his morning routine, Quick Draw

"What is going on in that peabrained spikey head?!" - Meryl yelling at Vash for entering the quick draw contest, Quick Draw

"It's for the good of that family. Just resign yourself and die!" - Wolfwood trying to kill Vash, Quick Draw

"And thus your name is being spread across the planet even as we speak. Maybe this is what they call karma." - Wolfwood after Vash kinda scares some people, Escape from Pain

"Whenever I look at you I'm reminded of everything I hate about myself. You know it hurts." - Wolfwood about leaving Vash and co., Escape from Pain

"The sky is umbelievably blue. There I go again. Guess it's kinda stupid, huh? I still keep thinking how I'd like to show it to you, even though that's no longer possible. I just can't help myself." - Vash to himself as he thinks about Rem, Diablo

"You're reaction is better than I had hoped. You're fun." - Legato Bluesummers after playing mind games with Vash, Diablo

"Can you hear me Vash the Stampede? My name is Monev the Gale, and I'm here to send you to hell just as you were promised." - Monev the Gale (obviously) as he confronts Vash in prison, Diablo

"It's true what I was told about this guy. He's a complete chicken shit." - Monev the Gale as Vash runs away, Diablo

"I was dreaming, Rem. Everything was so horribly dry, even people's hearts. From far away, as I watched the people who lived there, I always found myself wondering how and why they could possibly keep on living. What motivation did they have that would get them up everyday no matter what for the rest of their lives? Rem, why are you laughing?"
"It's just that you're always so serious, even when you're dreaming. You'll turn into an old man very quickly if you keep on constantly pondering like that. I'm excited to think that the ticket I was handed on the day of my birth was completely open. The choices we make in life have unlimited possibilities. All I can do is think of them."
- Vash and Rem respectively as Vash ponders whether to kill Monev and has a flashback, Diablo

"Hey, it's dangerous to be too trusting. What if I decided to get up and shoot you in the back?"
"I'm not that trusting. I kept my finger on the trigger the whole time."
- Monev the Gale and Vash, after Vash has decided to spare his life, Vash the Stampede

"The only thing legendary about him is his huge appetite." - Meryl as she thinks back to first meeting Vash, Vash the Stampede

"So those scars are the price you paid for dealing with your opponents without killing them." - Meryl after seeing Vash's many scars, Vash the Stampede

"Hey! Is that all the time I get?!" - Vash gets shafted, Little Arcadia

"You killed them. Even though they did terrible things, the decision of who should and should not live was never and never will be yours to make!" - Vash gets angry at Dominique for killing all the people, Demon's Eye

"...Not to mention that during this conversation, I could've groped you at least five times" - A very Vash quote at a very inopportune time, following which all the buttons on Dominique's blouse fly off, Demon's Eye

"What blind optimism. It's easy to see why your understanding of fighting is so simplistic and unsophisticated" - Dominique puts Vash down, Demon's Eye

"What kind of freak are you, lady?!" - Vash is stumped as to the ways of Dominique's speed, Demon's Eye

"Don't screw with me, no mortal could possibly do that" - Dominique protesting to being screwed with after Vash cracks the secret of the Demon's Eye, Demon's Eye

"I can't explain now, if I did you'd be put in danger. *voice perks up about 200%* So it's been a lotta fun but... well... I guess that's all!" - Vash finally ridding himself of those pesky insurance girls, Demon's Eye

"Legato, I am the one who is hunting you this time. I will find you whatever it takes. Yeah RIGHT! It sounds really cool in my head but in reality I haven't got a clue as to how I'm going to find him!" - Vash practices some lines on customers in a bar, Fifth Moon

"Oh man, I actualy have to FIGHT this guy! How can I possibly win such a battle or even have a chance to survive a fight with a guy who smiles with those evil eyes?!" - Vash realizes he might actually have to fight for real when facing Legato Bluesummers, Fifth Moon

"I should just back out! That's what I should do all right... Yeah! Yeah! For once I'm right! Yeah!" - Vash chickening out of the Legato battle, Fifth Moon

"My name is Vash the Stampede! Ladies and gentlemen forgive the lack of warning but I'm afraid it's time for my daily massacre! And if you don't believe I'm the real thing, take a long look at me and start freaking out! Observe my red coat, my lovely blonde locks, and if you're still having doubts, check out my 100% accurate gunmanship!" - Vash using his reputation in his favor when evacuating the city of Austin, Fifth Moon

"In this game, loosers don't get to go home. They go to Hell." - E.G. Mine delivering one of his many fantastic lines, Fifth Moon

"Damn, you're a noisy one, aren't you? What if I did, chicken shit?" - Another line delivered after Vash asks a question, Fifth Moon

"Woah Cowboy, don't be such a drama queen." - E.G. Mine again, whom I believe should be bowed down to and worshipped almost as much as Vash simply for using the words "drama queen" ^_^, Fifth Moon

"Ever heard of warrior's compassion? I can't hit you in any way if it'd kill ya." - Vash explaining a few things to Rai-Dei the Blade, Fifth Moon

"What we are are demons!" - Rai-Dei explaining a few things to Vash before shooting him several times and bringing him to the ground, Fifth Moon

"The time has come for you to use it. Go ahead, use it. Use it! It's something only you can do. Use it! QUICKLY!" - Legato urging Vash to whip out the Angel Arm, but actually whipping it out for him, Fifth Moon

"Hey, did you hear the rumor 'bout how the Humanoid Typhoon showed up in August?"
"I sure did. Y'know they say he managed to destroy the entire city all by himself? First July, and now August... What in the hell can that maniac be thinking? He's completely out of control, it's just getting out of hand. The bounty on his head will only get bigger now, and who's to say he won't destroy our town, and any other?"
"I'm starting to believe it's all his fault we're stuck on this planet, not to mention all the other crap I've heard about him. But there's more. They're saying now that he's solely responsible for that big hole in the Moon. It makes me sick just to think about it."
"What are you, nuts? There isn't a man alive that can pull off a stunt like that."
"Cool your jets, will ya? I'm just tellin' ya what I heard. I'm not makin' it up."
"Hey, at this point, maybe we should be thankful that we're all still alive."
"Yup, you said it."
- Two random men talk of Vash while all the people he's touched are listening to the rumors (I do love these rumors ^_^), Fifth Moon

"In a conference held the other day, it was decided that Vash the Stampede will be designated as mankind's first official human disaster." - Meryl quoting from a letter from the Bernardelli Insurance Society, Fifth Moon

"I'm serious. You're teaching them all sorts of things, like emotions, how to be kind to others, and the value of the future." - Rem is complimented on her teachings to Vash and Knives by Joey, Rem Saverem

"Vash and Knives could be angels God sent to point us in the right direction." - Rem's take on Vash and Knives, Rem Saverem

"Do you think I'll be eaten?" - Knives ponders aloud to Vash (yea, it doesn't have anything to do directly with Vash, but it was a cute quote), Rem Saverem

"I have an idea, handsome!" - Rem compliments Vash while she starts in on his trademark haircut, Rem Saverem ^_^

"What happened?"
"Just a small change of heart, that's all. Besides, if we stay the same, there's no individuality"
- Vash stumbles in and asks about Knives' haircut and gets a little more indepth information, Rem Saverem

"You look like a regular little philosopher."
"What do I look like?"
"A momma's boy."
"That's mean..."
- Rowan compliments Knives' haircut, and when Vash asks about his, everyone insults him (the final retort is one I use quite often ^_^), Rem Saverem

"That was the easiest way to stop him. You wanted to save the butterfly, right?"
"I didn't want to kill the spider, I wanted to save them both!"
- Knives and Vash start in on the infamous Spider vs. Butterfly conversation, Rem Saverem

"If you just keep saving the butterflies, the spiders will die. Wanting to save both is just a naieve contradiction." - Knives gets philosophical on Rem and Vash, and as a result gets the crap kicked out of him by Vash, Rem Saverem

"I wanted to save both of them, you idiot!" - Vash yells at Knives while he clobbers him, Rem Saverem

"Rem, why can't everyone just get along with each other?"
"I suppose it's because people have many different ways of thinking."
- Vash knows Rem has all the answers, Rem Saverem

"Noone has the right to take the life of another." - Rem states one of the philosophies that Vash lives by while trying to coax Rowan to drop the gun, Rem Saverem

"Vash, take care of Knives." - Rem parts with Vash, Rem Saverem

"Don't worry, Vash..." - Rem's last words, Rem Saverem

"Bring her back! Bring back Rem, you bastard!" - Vash finds out Knives is the one responsible for the crash of Project Seeds and Rem's death, and tries to beat him up again, Rem Saverem

"Vash, take care of Knives"
"Trust me, Rem. I will... take care of him."
- Vash has a Rem flashback 107 years later and decides he's gonna "take care of Knives" while brandishing two guns, Rem Saverem

"Haven't you learned anything over the past 100 years?" - Knives questions Vash, And Now, Goodbye

"It's not your right to decide whether they live or die. They deserve a chance!" - Vash states the Rem-ism I have above to Knives, And Now, Goodbye

"What's the use in growing up if the only thing that grows is your semtimentalism?!" - Knives gets angry at Vash for being soft, And Now, Goodbye

"The legendary gunman's behind this? What do you think, do you believe it?"
"I don't know what to think. He is the man who turned two of the seven cities into ashes and was called mankind's first localized disaster, some folks say he put that huge crater in the moon. I guess you'd have to be nuts to believe that."
- Wolfwood and a bartender gossip about Vash, And Now, Goodbye

"I can see why he's upset, it does ruin his boyish good looks." - Wolfwood comments on the bad guy for the ep (ok, it's got nothing to do with Vash, but if you look at this guy, he is almost as big a freak as EG Mine, and I laughed pretty hard when he said it, so it stays ^_^), - And Now, Goodbye

"It's not your fault kid, he's got his reasons. We've gotta trust that he knows what he's doing."
"But why?"
"That's just the way he is."
- Wolfwood comforts Lina while Vash is barking naked in the street to get her off the hook, And Now, Goodbye

"If you had to choose between your life and your pride, what would you do?"
"I dunno, but I would never strip buck naked and bark like a dog."
- Two random men talk of Vash (and you KNOW it's gotta be Vash), And Now, Goodbye

"Well, it's been a long time, Vash the Stampede." - Wolfwood finally gets to talk to Vash, And Now, Goodbye

"Whenever I do anything, people die." - Vash's reason for staying in hiding, And Now, Goodbye

"A man's name, painted on the monument in the middle of town square. It was one word, carefully written in red: Knives."
"Damn you, Knives."
- Wolfwood tells Vash what was found in a town where all the people suddenly vanished; Vash responds, And Now, Goodbye

"Time To Kill!"
- The villian gets excited when Vash and Wolfwood walk in on their hideout, Vash and Wolfwood reply to him calmly in unison, And Now, Goodbye

"Hey, I don't want you killing anyone, alright?"
"Why don't you just ask me not to breathe?"
"Thou shalt not kill, remember? What kind of churchman are you, anyway?"
"I've heard that before. Now you're starting to sound like your old self."
- Vash and Wolfwood respectively talking about the impending rescue amongst 200 gunman, And Now, Goodbye

"How the hell did those two manage to take care of all them thugs by themselves?"
"I have no idea. I've never seen anyone so horrifyingly strong."
- Two random men survey the damage done to the 200 gunman after Wolfwood and Vash are through with them, And Now, Goodbye

"Who would've guessed that Eriks was Vash the Stampede? Unbelievable!"
"Yea, tell me about it."
"And to think, all this time we were covinced this pigman was Vash."
"So, you think the legendary gunman's gonna stick around these parts?"
"Don't even go there. Haven't we suffered enough?"
"Yea, we oughta run him out right now!"
- Men in a bar talk about living around Vash the Stampede, And Now, Goodbye

"For crying out loud, if he's alive he could've at least mentioned it. He probably gets a kick out of making people bite his dust. That bum." - Meryl being prudish about Vash again, Hang Fire

"If you're dead, you don't have to say anything, but if you're alive I'd appreciate if you fellas would say something!" - Random man finds Vash and Wolfwood laying out in the middle of the desert, Hang Fire

"Come again, Needle Noggin?!" - Wolfwood uses that nickname ^_^ Hang Fire

"Yup, the one and only humaniod typhoon. He carries the dubious title of being mankind's first localized human disaster."
That's rediculous. When I saw him he was weeping and eating piles of donuts at the same time"
- Meryl and a Little Jersey citizen respectively. The legend grows... Hang Fire

"So is that what a typhoon is? A furious beauty who levels entire cities without even a warning." - Vash finally finds out what a typhoon is and how accurately it fits him, Hang Fire

"Total slaughter, total slaughter, I won't leave a single man alive. Ladedahdedie, genocide. Ladedadedud, an ocean of blood. Let's begin the killing time." - Vash's creepy song while walking down an empty echoing dark hallway to confront bad guys, Hang Fire

"This one's so huffy, she must be related to Mr. Vash!" - Milly, talking about Jacqueline the Typhoon in relation to our Humanoid Typhoon friend, Flying Ship

"Murderer! Your whole life's a lie! You killed Rem! You killed the crew! You killed them all!" - Vash goes off on Knives just after they crash on the planet for the first time, Flying Ship

"I know what I have to do, Rem. I can't wait any longer, it's time to face it. I have to be ready." - Vash steeling himself for the final showdown, Flying Ship

"Suicide? I strongly dissapprove of suicide, it's just a... Wolfwood?!" - A Vash line I had to include because of its close proximity to a line spoken in the first episode, Flying Ship

"First you're crying your eyes out like an abandoned baby, then you run around jumping off cliffs! What the hell's the matter with you anyway?!" - Wolfwood tries to figure out Vash, Flying Ship

"Who do you think you are, you needle-noggined idiot?!" - Wolfwood uses that nickname yet again, Flying Ship

"Is that your great legend? Is that fool him, huh?!"
"What a relief! He hasn't changed at all!"
- Upon opening the door and finding Vash screaming and subdued by Wolfwood, Brad questions Vash's identity and the Doctor's just glad he hasn't changed ^_^;, Flying Ship

"So Vash, how's Max? Is he well?"
"Oh yea, he's doing great. He has staring contests with forecast charts."
- The Doctor and Max talk of an old friend (I just liked Vash's reply...), Flying Ship

"Hey Mister legend, since you're the one who fired off the big weapon, doesn't that make you mre destrutive than Knives?" - Brad questions Vash, Flying Ship

"However. I do know of a guy who whines, cries, & throws tantrums and he somehow manages to find a way to save everyone. He's a crazy man who's not afraid of anything. Even though he's been scarred from head to toe, he'll always be there." - Wolfwood talks rumor-like of Vash, and you know how I like the rumors ^_^, Flying Ship

"A flower. A red flower."
"Isn't it beautiful? They call this one a geranium. There are many other types of flowers on Earth of all different colors and shapes and sizes. They hold a very special place in people's hearts."
"Can you eat them Rem?"
"Some flowers can be eaten."
"Do you like flowers?"
"I love flowers, especially red ones. You know, they can be very symbolic. Even the tiniest flowers which brave the elements behold a magnificent strength. And Vash, in the language of the flower, red geraniums represent... determination and courage."
- Vash and Rem respectively, talking about flowers in a flashback that subsequently explains why Vash wears a red coat, Flying Ship

"Let me teach him that to stay alive is true suffering. For all eternity he will pay for the grievious sin of injuring you. He will suffer unceasing despair, anguish, wounds which can never be healed. A wonderful show is about to begin, and you will perform as the star attraction Vash the Stampede." - Legato Bluesummers talking to a Knives we can't really see more than the naked torso of, Out of Time

"*vader-like breathing noise*" - Grey the Ninelives, thinking about killing Vash the Stampede (Ok, here's the deal: I wanted a Vash quote from every Gung-Ho Gun on here, and this was the best I could do with the non-speaking one. I'll even go so far as to admit this particular GHG never even laid eyes on Vash... so we just assume he thinks about killing Vash while he breathes), Out of Time

"Oh yea, a word to the wise: We're not dealing with typical human beings here. If you try pulling the same stunts as before I guarantee you they will destroy you this time." - Wolfwood telling Vash to be careful about the Gung-Ho Guns, Out of Time

"Y'know what, now that I actually stop to think about it, this is really kind of... SCARY!" - Vash begins his well-thought-out plan of shooting his way to the sixth floor below him, Out of Time

"No... my friends... can't be... Val, Jones, Emira, Ferina... I remember you. I remember all of you. I've never forgotten you. I'm sorry I didn't come home sooner. I'm..." - Vash finds all his close friends dead in the plant room, Out of Time

"Tell me why! Why did you have to kill them! Why would you even wanna do something like that?!"
"That's simple. Because YOU'RE Vash the Stampede. Compared to what you did to July and August, this is a stroll through the tulips! You shouldn't even be on this planet."
- Vash and Hopperd respectively after Vash finds out Hopperd is the one who killed his friends, Out of Time

"That is what's known as a waste of time. Nothing can contradict my Gouterrier." - Hoppered the Gauntlet fairly confident about his weapon, Out of Time

"Are you giving up already? It's too soon to just give up. There's always a solution if you're willing to look for it. We haven't tried everything yet. Are you just going to roll over and die? 'Cause if you wanna live, think! Think of what you should be doing." - Vash encourages Brad during the Plant destruction, Out of Time

"We're gonna make it after all!" - One of the citizens gets Mary Tyler Moore-ish after Vash fixes the plant (I'm terribly sorry, but I laughed and laughed and laughed when I heard him say that... it stays), Out of Time

"I have failed... but I do not understand, it was a perfect plan..." - Leonof the Puppetmaster, coming closer than any of the GHG save for Rai-Dei in killing Vash, Out of Time

"The ones who live outside of time... It really is amazing. My hands grew this much in 13 years, but you haven't changed a bit. You're exactly as I remember." - Brad's dying words to Vash, Out of Time

"Don't try to justify it by labeling it with a simple word. So many died, and they won't be coming back. I can't stand it, it's more than I can bear." - Vash refuses to be consoled about all his fallen comerades, Alternative

"Everyone who touches me ends up dying." - Vash about his recent string of luck, Alternative

"No kid is ever gonna warm up to a guy with an empty smile!" - Wolfwood explaining to Vash why the kids are giving him the cold shoulder, Alternative

"What's the matter, can't I kill those either?"
"You can't kill those, no!"
- Wolfwood finding out from Vash that he cannot kill the rampaging sandworms that threaten their lives as well as those of several other people, Alternative

"Why do we always have to do everything your way?!" - Wolfwood upset about not getting to kill the sandworms while running away from them, Alternative

"Goody two-shoes idiot you don't know who I am! That's fine, believe whatever you want. You cn just die thinking your pleasant little thoughts." - Zazie the Beast proving to Vash that demons rule just before getting shot by Wolfwood, Alternative

"I saved your ass yet one more time and you come after me with your childish bullshit!" - Wolfwood, in an exerpt of the fight between the two following the death of Zazie the Beast, Alternative

"Apparently you've lost some weight. Why, Nicholas?"
"I've been traveling with a real troublemaker."
"It's not wise to drown in each other's pain. You must kill this man now."
- Chapel the Evergreen and Nick talk, Paradise

"Answer me one thing. You're obviously going after Knives, what are you going to do once you find him?"
"Many years ago he stole someone who was very important to me."
"So you want revenge?"
"I don't know. I really don't know."
"I see, so that's how you live. That's how you choose to live."
- Nick and Vash talk 'bout revenge, Paradise

"By the way, I only know you as 'The Stampede.' I think you can at least tell me your real name."
"No way. I'm not going to tell you just so you can go out and get killed today."
"Nah, don't be stupid. Tell me."
"Between you and me... my name's irrelevent."
- A really cute scene between Nick and Vash, Paradise

"Oh yea... mortal" - Vash getting told that all mortals make mistakes and trying to jive that with himself, Paradise

"I did not wanna die this way!" - Nicholas D. Wolfwood's last words, Alternative

"Hey, this guy's crying!"
"Yea, and he's a grownup."
"Is there something wrong with that? Everyone feels like crying sometimes."
"Why are you crying?"
"A friend of mine went away and I'm sad."
- A couple kids happen upon Vash weeping over Wolfwood's death, Sin

"That's right, you can't possibly draw. You seem to think you've never killed anyone, but I'm afraid you're very sadly mistaken. You've managed to fool noone but yourself. You want to believe that because you're hands aren't dirty, because you didn't personally pull the trigger, that you're innocent, when in actuality you've killed countless people including the Gung-Ho Guns and your friend Nicholas D. Wolfwood." - Legato lectures Vash, Sin

"Damn! My B flat! My B flat's gone!" - A suprising discovery made by Midvalley the Hornfreak, Sin

"Give me the gift of nothingness. Give me death." - Legato begging Vash to kill him, Sin

"To actually believe the prattlings of a woman who speaks in indealistic terms that are worthless." - Legato rips on Rem, Sin

"Rem Saverem. Hmph. A wasted existence that only spoke in aggrivating logic. A worthless human being. Just like me, but unlike you." - Legato rips on Rem more to goad Vash into killing him, Sin

"Rem... Rem... I'm so sorry Rem. I did a terrible thing., Now I'm a sinner, too." - Vash laments his evil deed, Live Through

"There's always another choice, there had to be another way. I just didn't see it in time to do anything about it. Rem said so. There had to be another way. Rem, please tell me..." - Vash rambles in a fevered haze, Live Through

"If we hadn't followed him, he wouldn't have had to make such a terrible choice and things may have turned out differently." - Meryl blames herself and Milly for Vash's despair, Live Through

"How can a normal human being do all those horrible things?" - A random crowdperson jeers Vash and questions his humanity, Live Through

"We have the right to shoot this monster for everything he's done! We lost friends, families, neighbors, even children! We should hate this bastard and now he deserves to die!" - An angry mob catches up with Vash, Live Through

"I finally understand. It was the last thing she tried to tell me. I'll never go wrong again. Humans are survivors, so I will take care of him. I'll save Knives." - Vash finally decides what he's gonna do when he catches up with Knives, Live Through

"What is that?"
"These are our new siblings. And this one will be yours. We will use these guns to dispose of mankind."
- Vash asks about the guns Knives made and Knives gives his simple reply, Underneath the Sky So Blue

"Did you shoot me? Did you actually shoot me? I can't believe this, did you really shoot me?" - Knives with an oddly extreme reaction to being shot in the leg, Underneath the Sky So Blue

"The humans treat you well? Did you have fun, dear brother?"
"Yea, I did! Best thing that ever happened to me."
- Knives and Vash's light conversation before their all-out gun brawl, Underneath the Sky So Blue

"You're not a human being. You're a plant."
"I know that."
"You're a superior being."
"I disagree."
"You're wrong about this, Vash."
"I won't make the same mistake twice."
- Knives and Vash respectively with their differing viewpoints while each fires up his own Angel Arm, Underneath the Sky So Blue

"Rem, I'll continue to believe in you, but from now on, I'll look to my own words for guidance." - Vash's last words in the series, and the last words in the series period, Underneath the Sky So Blue