Here's a list of the Japanese Seiyuu from the Trigun TV series. All of this information was obtained through the Seiyuu Database, go there and look up series to your heart's content. Here, I'll just list the Trigun character, along with the Seiyuu and a little info about the seiyuu, mostly other notable roles (notable meaning series I even periferrally heard about) There's most likely a ton of other roles these people did, but I just didn't record them here because I'd never heard of the series. This isn't much, but for those who wondered... it's here. Much thanks to the Seiyuu database ^_^ In case you're wondering, the first name's first. This is the seiyuu for all the characters in Trigun since I was gonna make this a general page, and I thought some of the info on here was too good to delete (like Legato's VA, and the Rem/Vash CCS connection... those things you couldn't get with just the info on Vash ^_^ Ok, ok... I also didn't think there was enough info on Masaya Onosaka to constitute a whole page. So sue me :p). Now I have the English VA's from The Dub Seiyuu database! They're below the Hayashibara Megumi notice ^_^; Again, it's all of them because Johnny Young Bosch didn't do enough voices.

Vash the Stampede: Masaya Onosaka - This gentleman that voices everyone's favorite pacifist was born in Osaka on October 13th, 1964 (was it on a Friday that year, I wonder?). He's actually not that well-known, and the only major role (major, again, meaning a series I've heard of) has been the big Keroberos on Cardcaptor Sakura, and and Leon on Pet Shop of Horrors (was that a major role? I've never seen that one). He's had several minor roles though, such as Masaki (or Bill the Pokemaniac) on an episode of Pokemon, also minor characters in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Detective Conan, and Sailormoon (Jadeite). Of course, Vash the Stampede was a big role as well ^_^

Nicholas D. Wolfwood: Sho Hayami - The man behind the voice of the corrupt churchman was born on August 2nd, 1958 in Hyougo. He's actually a well-traveled Seiyuu, with major roles as Gail in Project A-ko: Versus (was that major?), Mayor Light in New Cutey Honey, Tasogare no Prince in Cutey Honey F, Zarbon in Dragonball Z, Ajou Jinsaku in Key the Metal Idol, Deus/Eiri Masami in Lain (Serial Experiment?), Maximillian Jenius in Macross and Macross 7, Marge in Macross Plus, Shion in Please Save my Earth, Yasha-Oh in RG VEDA, and Shinesman Moss Green in... Shinesman. He's had a few minor roles in stuff like Dragonball Z movie 5, Detective Conan, the Orange Road movie, and Sailormoon. Well-traveled, huh?

Meryl Stryfe: Hiromi Tsuru - The woman behind Derringer Meryl was born on March 29th, 1960 in Kanagawa. She's possibly the best- known out of all the major Seiyuu, with major roles as Leona in Dominion (Tank Police, right?), Bulma in all three Dragonball series, Bra in Dragonball GT, Jeanne d' Arc in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Ayukawa Madoka in Kimagure Orange Road, Nagisa Tezuka in Here is Greenwood, Azusa Shiga in Rumic World 3: Laughing Target, Kim Kaviroff in Macross, Sayoko Mano in Devilhunter Yohko, Mira in My Youth in Arcadia, Angela in One Pound Gospel, Ukyo Kuonji in Ranma 1/2, Kiyomi Arai in Sailor Victory, June and Tetisu in Saint Seiya, Kyoko Ishihara in Sanctuary, Kiddy Phenil in Silent Mobius, Asuna Kujou in Maison Ikkoku, Kiyomi Asagiri in Graduation, and Kazami Asou in Tokyo Babylon. She's also had many minor roles in Cyber Team in Akihabara and Golden Boy. Very well-traveled, so to speak.

Milly Thompson: Satsuki Yukino - Nothing on her ^_^;

Rem Saverem: Aya Hisakawa - The voice behind the one Vash holds most dear to his heart is Aya Hisakawa, who was born on November 12th, 1968 in Kaizuka, Osaka. Hiromi Tsuru (above) did a lot more major roles in a lot more series, but Aya had major roles in a few very popular series ^_^ She's Skuld in Oh My Goddess!, Kero-chan in Cardcaptor Sakura (how cute! Rem is little Kero and Vash is big Kero!) , Annipuma in Dominion Tank Police, Akino in G Gundam, Shizuka Nakamoto in Graduation, Becky Farrar in Gunsmith Cats, Yuko in Here is Greenwood, Yohko Mano in Devilhunter Yohko, Taata in Rayearth, Sailor Mercury in Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Shizuka Nakamoto in Sailor Victory, Miki Kaoru in Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Arimi Suzuki in Marmelade Boy, and Diward in Slayers Excellent. She was also some minor voices in Bubble Gum Crisis, Detective Conan, Geobreeders, Gunsmith Cats, Patlabor, Pokemon, and Devilhunter Yohko. The three big ones are Kero-chan, Skuld, and Sailor Mercury, of course. Well, Rem too. We must never forget poor Rem.

Legato Bluesummers: Toshihiko Seki - The one that voices Knives's faithful henchman and Trigun's resident psychopath was born on June 11th, 1962 (4 days after my birthday! Of course, I was born in 1984...) in Tochigi. He's done signifigantly less roles than the two Seiyuu before him, but he's done a few. He's Su Karu in Bastard!, Tokio Umetani in Black Jack, Asuka's father in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Duo Maxwell in Gundam Wing, Haruto's Father in Haunted Junction, Shinobu Tezuka in Here is Greenwood, Count D in Pet Shop of Horror, Mikuro Yakushimaru in Please Save My Earth, Mousse in Ranma 1/2, Shujin Seki in Shinesman, Yurimaru in Ninja Scroll, and Shougo in X. He's also had minor roles in CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan, the Hameln no Violin Hiki movie, and Weddingpeach. A little varied, but still most likely not that well known, save for Duo in Gundam Wing. Can you believe LEGATO BLUESUMMERS is Duo Maxwell?! I couldn't ^_^;.

Millions Knives: Tohru Furusawa - I couldn't find any information on the seiyuu for the main villian in Trigun ;_; Poor Knives... wait, what am I saying?

Kaito: Rica Matsumoto - Rica Matsumoto was born on November 30th, 1968 in Yokohaha, Kanagawa. Actually, I probably could've skipped over Kaito, since he's only in a few episodes, but he's got the most well-known voice actor of all, and he's a minor character! Rica's feminine voice has done such characters as Kei in Dirty Pair Flash, Youta Matsumoto in Shinesman, Chihiro in Pretty Sammy, April in Sol Bianca, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Boku no Marie, and some other well-known series that I'm not gonna list because of the sheer number, but overall, the most well-known character she does is Satoshi/Ash of Pokemon! Ash! An Ash incarnation runs around on Trigun! Nifty!

You know who's not a seiyuu for this series? Megumi Hayashibara. She's in nearly every other popular series, and is probably the most well-known seiyuu in all of Japan, and she's in EVERYTHING. You can name 5 fairly popular series, and she'll most likely be in four, if not all five. But you know what? She's not in Trigun. Just thought I'd let you know.

American Voice Actors

Vash the Stampede: Johnny Young Bosch - Johnny was born on January 6th, 1976 in Kansas City, Missouri. Hehe, This fellow doesn't seem to be a big influence in the Anime voice acting circut. He DOES do Vash the Stampede in the English dub... but that's about it. His real claim to fame though was the Green Power Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV series here in America. Other than that... Uh, that's about it.

Meryl Stryfe: Dorothy Melendez - Y'know, I'm not gonna be able to give biographical information for the rest of the English VA's because the website doesn't really have that info. The only reason I got it for Johnny was because he was the Green Power Ranger. Anyway, Dorothy has done quite a few other roles in English Anime, including Kris Christopher in Battle Athletes Victory, The Water Priestess Miz Mishtal in El Hazard, Nina Purpleton in Gundam 0083, someone in Ninja the Wonder Boy, and Kaoru in Rurouni Kenshin.

Milly Thompson: Lia Seargent - There is a LOT to say about Lia Seargent. Not only does she do the voice of Milly, but she's also the director of the English version of Trigun ^_^ She also has an impressive VA list that includes a TV News Anchor Robot in Armitage III: Poly Matrix, Jessie Gurtland in Battle Athletes, Akari Kanzaki in Battle Athletes Victory, Sybel in Black Magic M-66, Bubbles in the Video Game Brave Fencer Musashi, TV Cowgirl in Cowboy Bebop, Nanami Jinnai in El Hazard, Soi in Fushigi Yugi, Mitsurugi in Ninja Cadets, Marine in Saber Marionette J Again, Chisa in Serial Experiments Lain, Chun-Li in Street Fighter IIV (? I don't think that's a real number, but that's how it was in the database...), Someone in the old 3X3 Eyes dub, and Kyleen in the Thousand Arms video game. Quite an impressive list, huh?

Nicholas D. Wolfwood: Jeff Nimoy - Well... he's done a LITTLE more than Johnny Young Bosch... in addition to being Wolfwood, he was also Tentomon in Digimon (o_O;; WHAT kind of resume is that?! Wolfwood and TENTOMON?!)

Rem Saverem: Bridgette Hoffman - Actually, she hasn't done that many voices, but the ones she does are in the dubs I watch ^_^ She does Anna Resphigi in Battle Athletes Victory, Miaka Yuuki in Fushigi Yugi, Fuu Hououji in Magic Knight Rayearth, Mima Kirigoe in Perfect Blue, Lain in Serial Experiments Lain, and Lily in Spirit of Wonder. Lain...

Legato Bluesummers: Sean Thorton - Here's another small list. In addition to Trigun's resident Psychopath, Sean has done Black Jack in Black Jack, and Hotohori in Fushigi Yugi. They all kinda mesh... somewhat.

Millions Knives: Bill Timoney, Dylan Tuley - I'm GUESSING it's one of those two, but I could be completely wrong. They're the only ones left that have Trigun listings with no character. In the case of Bill Timoney, he's done Duke in Battle Arena Toshinden, Du in E.Y.E.S. of Mars, Nagumo in Legend of the Overfield, Parn in Record of Lodoss War, and Ryo in Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. As for Dylan Tuley, the only other non-Trigun role he's had is Amuro in the Gundam Trilogy.