Name: Vash the Stampede

AKA: The Humanoid Typhoon, Tongari (translates into something like "porcupine" but correct me if I'm wrong), Eriks, "Valentinez Alkalanela Zeehock Xuxira Boherez Gombigomella Blue Stratavari Tralentrent Pierre Andre Charttenhemos Baldos George Doitzel Keiser the III", The Diablo, Brother, Needle Noggin :p

Birthday: July 21st

Age: 130 by the end of the series

Role: Protagonist, all-around drooled-over hero type

Weapons: Silver six-shooter, Machine gun arm, Angel Arm, that knife that pops out of the toe of his boot, miscellaneous other pointy objects

Bounty: $$60,000,000,000, dead or alive

Wanted for: The murder of Count Lebanon Vasquez, suspicion of Class G weapon damage, Class G property damage, possible involvement in the "Big Fall", the destruction of two of the Seven Cities (July and August), and the crater in the Fifth Moon.

Status: Mankind's First Official Human Disaster

First Criminal Record Date: 0104 July 21st 2:06 pm

Eyes: Aqua

Hair: Blonde

Distinguishing characteristics: Many scars, a mole below his left eye, pierced left ear, prosthetic left arm, spiked blonde hair

Attire: Long red coat, big black boots, gloves with many buckles, those nifty yellow sunglasses

Likes: Pancakes, playing with children, merciful people, butterflies, Rem ^_^

Dislikes: Death, Pain, Suicide, nasty types

Relatives: Millions Knives, Brother

Origin: The Plants ("those who live outside of time")

Catchphrase: Love and Peace!

Favorite Food: Donuts, Booze

Personality: Varies. Yes, varies. Most of the time, and what I take to be "the true face of Vash," is the joking, good-natured guy who takes time out of his day to play with children, goes out of his way to not inconvience people, just a general all-around nice guy. The other side of him appears when he fights. When he REALLY fights. I'm not talking about those pansy fights with the rogue gunman that dominate the beginning of the series, I'm talking about the Gung-Ho Gun fights. Then... he kind of looses himself, so to speak. He turns into a rather efficient killing machine, but of course never really goes through with the deaths (usually...).