After having this page open for a couple months and observing the growing amount of Trigun stuff, most with Vash's image on it, I decided it would be good to open a merchandise section dedicated to Vash. So here it is. Most of this stuff, and most of the images, have been ripped from The Right Stuf, where you can purchase the stuff. But they know I love them, so I'm sure they don't mind. 'Bout the only thing they don't have is the action figure, which I got for Christmas, so scans from that will be up soon. Some of this stuff is recycled in the image gallery too, since I don't have a lot there ^_^;

Metallic Cards (from the videos, all but the last video feature Vash):
The $$60,000,000,000 Man
Lost Past
Gung-Ho Guns
Angel Arms
Project Seeds

Vash Wanted Poster - My favorite of the posters, and the one I bought ^_^
Just Vash - That pic of Vash leaning up against the bullet-ridden wall from the opening, available as a poster and wallscroll
Vash and Legato - Another poster/wallscroll, this one featuring the pic from the cover of the Gung-Ho Guns video.
Vash and BDN - This one scares me. The third and last of the poster/wallscrolls, this one has a shocked-looking Vash and Brilliant Dynamites Neon, from episode 7-8
Big gun small girls - A really nifty looking wallscroll featuring a giant Vash and gun and tiny insurance girls.
Angel Arms - A wallscroll featuring the cover art from the Angel Arms volume of the series.
Wolfwood - Wallscroll featuring the coverart from Wolfwood, with Vash and Wolfwood back to back with Wolfwood's Cross Punisher behind.
Warped - A wallscroll featuring the cover art from volume one, but in a twisty background.
Knives and Vash - Yet another wallscroll featuring Vash, the two guns, the Cross Punisher, and Knives looming in the background.

Vash Bust - This is the ultracool Vash bust, with real metal & plastic sunglasses, but unfortunately I don't have the extra $45.00 to spare

Vash Lunchbox - This is one of those things I could only picture in my wildest dreams back when I first got into Trigun. This is a mini lunchbox. That speaks for itself.

Vash Keychain - A tiny, SD, very scary keychain featuring Vash.

Vash Guitar - Now tell me what other anime character has their likeness on a guitar? This is a drawing you can enter by buying the videos, and I think there's only one. But it does have a very good pic of Vash on it, yes indeed ^_^ The Vash Guitar is only something I was dreaming of when I first got into Trigun ^_^

Action Figures (English and Japanese)
front package/English
back package/English
front package/Japanese
top back package/Japanese
bottom back package/Japanese
writings from Japanese box
Yea, I opened the English one before I scanned in the cardboard. I'll have actual pics of the action figures themselves soon :p