This COULD'VE been included as part of the Quotes section, but since I figure there'll be 25 of them, and I think they're especially philosophical and deep and just generally VASH, they get their own section. These are those little things that he rattles off at the end of every episode during the trailer. Very poetic... The episode it describes is listed after the quote, but keep in mind these are said on the episode preceding that one.

"There's something that cannot be expressed in words... Human emotion. Emotions of the heart can't just be tucked away in a closet. There's a way to know the emotions: Look into the eyes. The girl lied to me, and I believed her. The gentleman lied to me, when I trusted him. But the moment I looked into his eyes, the angel of destiny began to unravel the truth. Just look into their eyes, there is only one truth." - Truth of Mistake

"Those who make mistakes blame themselves & close their hearts. It's impossible to fix the mistake, men can't return to the past. That's why they drink. Lushious drunks... sliding alchol down their throats to try to dilute the memories that can't be forgotten... Frank Marlon, the gunsmith, does nothing but drink, and questions the glass after it's empty. Am I wrong? Was I wrong?" - Peacemaker

"The past that can't be forgotten & can't be buried. The past that can't even be shaken for just a little time. The sentiment deep inside each of their hearts is strong and equal. For beloved parents, and for a beloved daughter, two men can only find the answer from behind their triggers. The moment the sentimetnal bullets flew towards each other, the men stood silent, yet were weeping. The past enslaves." - Love and Peace

"Whenever something is gained, something is always lost. It's difficult to love after something like that. What is lost will never return. Important things... Irreplacable things... But what is needed to keep those things is in the firm will packed into one bullet. Man knows... he knows that nothing will begin unless he speaks, and nothing will change unless he moves." - Hard Puncher

"The longer one holds onto a memory, the longer one lives in the past. The deeper the memory they hold onto, the more beautiful the past will become. The beautiful memories will eventually turn into hate. Even if they look ahead, they lose the ability to walk. As long as the heavy chain called revenge continues to bind the heart, the tears of sadness will continue to flow." - Lost July

"The tragedy endlessly repeated in order to fulfill desires, the lust for conquest making people bend to your will, a thrill intense enough to make you shudder. There is a man who is a slave to that extacy, the leader of the Badlads. A man who shines Brilliant Dynamites Neon. The sandsteamer will shake the moment each of the huge dynamos on each of his shoulders start to spark. In the pitch black darkness, the gruesome party begins." - B.D.N.

"People who sin say this; that they had to to survive. People who sin say this; it's too late now to stop. The shadow called sin dogs them steadily from behind silently, without a word. Remorse and agony are repeated, only to end up at despair in the end. But the sinners just don't know that if they'd only turn around there's a light there, a light which keeps shining on them ever so warmly, a light that will never fade." - And Between the Wasteland and Sky...

"I met a lone man in the desert. The traveling priest Nicholas D. Wolfwood. He smiled, and then he told me that I'm a troubled man. Faced with his all-seeing smile, there was nothing that I could say in my defense. Did I meet this man because I was destined to, or was it simply by a small gest of God? The man's name is Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a traveling priest I met in the desert." - Murder Machine

"I think I'd like to do something nice for somebody. I think it's good when you smile at somebody and they smile in return. Voluntary love encourages people to create a sense of friendliness. Love that is unconditional gives us respect as people. However, it's wrong to force love to try to keep it alive. If the strain goes on, eventually it will bloom into the flower called lie, the deceptively thorny flower that hurts people." - Quick Draw

"A choice between two things: The forked road, a crossroad, where men given life must take in order to stay alive. Whichever end they live on they lose something. Whichever end they live on they are unable to find happiness. But are there really only two paths to a forked road? No, there are infinite paths we must take, there is more than one path. There is more than one path to the future." - Escape from Pain

"All people have a sanctuary which must never be touched, a scar of sadness which must never be tread upon. The cooperation formed by the living to realize a dream or achieve an ideal. The man with the white coat told me in a quiet voice that he had finally found me, that he wanted my life. That man smiled a smile deeper than darkness. Legato Bluesummers, a man fascinated by death, only spoke quietly. - Diablo

"Routine report, date July 20th. Two days after the incident caused by a man named Monev, tension still runs high in the city. The events that occurred there made me realize something all over again. It's an awareness that becomes obscured as I keep regular contact with him, that being the reason Vash the Stampede is called the Humanoid Typhoon. Yet I still don't understand why it is that so much trouble falls into this man's lap." - (Meryl does this one, for the record) Vash the Stampede

"If you only face forward, there is something you will miss seeing. It is a virtue to devote oneself to something, firmly believing in one's own ideals. But that does not mean it's all right to belittle the ideals or feelings of others. If you lead such a busy life, and you don't realize how your parents feel, it's only self-satisfaction. It's all right to stop every now and again if you want a moment's rest, if you want to feel what other people feel." - Little Arcadia

"People judge people; lives are being cut short because of someone's personal logic. Mothers, fathers, friends... their entire past instantly vanishes into thin air. The question is, should this take place at the whim of one individual? A beautiful woman stood before the corpses of the Roderick thieves. She told me that she was merely discarding some useless garbage. Dominique the Cyclops told me to just think of it as spring cleaning." - Demon's Eye

"The fragment of memory lost in the gap between life and death, is it something which will point the way to spiritual awareness? The silver metallic gun crushes, and my right arm metamorphoses. My past, my people, my mother... The moment I was reunited with everything I ever protected, the light took Agusta. The Humanoid Typhoon, the Sixty Billion Double Dollar Man, Vash the Stampede. This is the beginning of my past. This is the end of my journey." - Fifth Moon

"Rem told me that someone she loved died on Earth. She told me she boarded the ship so she could start over. What does it feel like to have someone you love die? I tried thinking of what it would be like if Rem died. When I did, hot water came out of my eyes, and it wouldn't stop for a long time. Rem, I'll always be there for you. I won't leave you alone." - (Vash does this, but it's Chibi Vash ^_^) Rem Saverem

"Let us reguard the fifth moon, shining down upon us from the skies, stained red with blood, and let us remember his name, his legend... To do so you only need to look up, like it or not his legend is chisled into the fifth moon, a permanent etching from a terrible past. The legend of Vash the Stampede, chisled, forever... And when the time comes you only need tell of the tracks which lead to the future." - And Now, Goodbye

"A strong will can stir the heart, but a will too strong can cut off the heart's visibility. The sorrow of a man bereaved of his family turns into hate, which eventually metamorphoses into the intent to kill. The man's finger reaches for the trigger. Sins change people. Sin begets sin. But I... I still want to believe. I want to believe in the heart. The heart that feels the sin." - Hang Fire

"In times of hardship, in times of sadness, there's a place the traveler can let his mind return to... home. I still don't know what kind of a past the traveler abandoned when he left his home behind. I still don't know what kind of sorrow he bears. The traveler can keep walking forword because he has somethig that sustains him, a place which accepts him. He can walk forward step by careful step." - Flying Ship

"There's something you can't give up. There's something you want to protect. There's a time you must take a stand, no matter what kind of pain awaits us. The man clad in the red coat took up his gun once again in order to stop the sadness, in order to stop the hate. I keep the word of the red geranium which I was taught so long ago. I keep the courage and determination deep in my heart." - Out of Time

"Self-protection: the means of protecting one's self. People expose the weaknesses which pain them, and thus form a group. Before they know it, they begin to exclude those who are not one of them. But what becomes of those who have been excluded? I smiled at the children who lived in a tight group, in their rickety house. Sure, let's live today, let's live tommorrow, and let's live the day after that, even if it means living in eternal pain." - Alternative

"To realize a mistake, to not lie, to love one another, to not kill... Those are very simple things, but these time won't allow for them. There is no green on this planet, even though we want it, and want it so badly. A place where we can live peaceful days with no wars nor stealing. A sacred place where people can live as people. Yes there, that place is called... paradise." - Paradise

"Repeated tragedies, repeated pain... the wishes of a man are so strong and yet so frail and weak. To live, to stay alive. Who would've known that survival was this hard, this painful. I must choose, I must make the choice. In the moment that intertwines life and death, can I choose to remain a human?" - Sin

"I was dreaming, Rem. Everything was so horribly dry there on that planet. Even people's hearts. As I watched the people who lived there from far away, I kept wondering why they went on living, how they kept on living. Rem... listen to me, Rem. I did a bad thing. I did a bad thing! Tell me, what should I do?!" - Live Through (this is the only trailer that didn't have Fool's Paradise playing in the background)

"That day, that time 130 years ago, we were born, weren't we? There was nothing but peaceful days, and Rem was close behind us. But our disagreeing thoughts changed each of our ways of life, didn't they? I don't regret it, I will vow once again not to kill, not to betray, but to find happiness, to talk about my dreams, because the ticket to the future is always blank." - Underneath the Sky So Blue