In case you just happened to stumble across this page by clicking a random link somewhere, this is a site dedicated to the anime/manga series Trigun. For those random clickers, I will explain a bit about the basic storyline of the series here, focusing on the anime since I can't read Japanese ^_^;
    The Bernardelli Insurance company is not pleased. There is a man so dangerous that they put a price of 60 billion double dollars on his head. He is wanted for the destruction of several cities, but oddly enough, it seems he's never taken a life amongst the destruction. Since the Bernardelli Insurance company must pay for all the property damage, they send out two of their top agents, Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, to find this man, known only as Vash the Stampede, and follow him wherever he goes to make sure he doesn't cause any more trouble.
    So these two women set off on their mission, asking around local towns to try and find out what this Vash the Stampede looks like. It is said that he is merciless, a tall man with a red coat and short legs, and he is of course an ace gunman, very dangerous and the worst kind of womanizer, and it was also said he ran with a group of henchman. When our two insurance agents run into someone matching that vague description holding a rather dumb man hostage, the peace offering they tried didn't work, a fight ensues that ends with the dopey hostage saving them in an extrodinary way, but yet a city was destroyed when the mystery man failed to notice some explosives that caused an avalanche.
    So we continue with this pattern, our insurance agents following the differing rumors about the legendary gunman to cities all over the desert. Somehow, the mysterious man that was held hostage is there whenever they reach their destination, a man so indescribably dumb it makes you wonder how he manages to save the day at the end of the episodes. But of course, while he does save their lives, it seems a city is always inadvertently destroyed as a result. Finally, it comes to the attention of the insurance agents that the dopey man they keep running into, the one who grates on Meryl's nerves so, is in fact the legendary ace gunman Vash the Stampede, who really hates pain and has a soft spot for donuts.
    It goes on happily for awhile, Vash always winning against the various bad guys without ever taking a life, saying that it would make "her" sad. We meet up with the corrupt clergyman by the name of Nicholas D. Wolfwood, who is an almost equally good marksman to Vash the Stampede. Wolfwood is out on the road to earn money for an orphanage in his hometown of December. Everything goes well for the first 10 episodes or so, but there's an underlying question, a BIG underlying question: Who is this Vash the Stampede? Why does it seem he knows a lot more than he's letting on? What is his connection to lost technology? Why is he wondering around the desert? and Who is "her", this Rem he keeps bringing up?
    From episode 11 on, pretty much the last half of the series, we get into the main plot of Trigun, with the Gung-Ho Guns and couple other villians. In short, Vash's past finally catches up to him. The main villian is someone very close to Vash, and the reason he's a villian is for a reason even closer to Vash's heart.
    The series is a shounen action/comedy set in an American old west kind of environment. Vash the Stampede is what will make or break the series for you, for there really is no other facet to the series other than Vash and his activities. If you hate him, the series will be an immediate turnoff. It ran for 26 episodes in Japan and is being distributed in America by Pioneer Animation.