The Long Night's Wait

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By: Fishguts
The Long Nightís Wait
Part 1

The moons light filled the room as the small woman sat at the small desk typing on the typewriter. A single tear fell down her cheek. She pulled the paper out of the typewriter and stared at it for a moment.

"Vash..." her head fell in her hands and she cried. "Why Vash?" she pleadingly asked the wall, "Why did you do this to me? Why did you ever leave?!""

She crumpled the paper and threw it across the room with all the other papers, then balling up her fist she slammed it on the desk.

Someone knocked on the bedroom door.

"Come in." Meryl said as she quickly gathered herself back together.

"Senpai?" the tall brown-haired woman said as she opened the door.

"What is it Millie?" Meryl asked as she put a new sheet into the typewriter.

"Dinnerís ready." She looked around the room. A pile of crumpled papers in the corner, no light, and her friend sitting at a typewriter typing while tears fill her eyes.

"Thanks Millie. Iíll be there in a few. I just need to finish this." Her voice had faltered.

"Donít be to long." She saw the tears slowly fall from Merylís eyes. "You know Meryl, it isnít good for a person to stay so cooped up by themselves for too long."

Meryl lifted her head, "What are you talking Millie? I havenít been in here that long, and besides Iíve only been doing our job." Meryl took in a slow deep breath. "The boss will be expecting to hear the latest update on..." she swallowed hard forcing the words to be said. "...Vash..." her shoulders went limp and she sighed.

"I guess youíre right Meryl." Millie said as she walked out the door.

"Mr. Vash, where are you?" Millie said as she took a bowl and filled it up with the soup she had been preparing for tonightís dinner. "Donít you know what youíre putting us, especially Meryl, through?" She grabbed a spoon and placed it in her bowl. "I donít think Meryl will last much longer. She wonít eat, she wonít leave her room, let alone her typewriter." She sat down at the table. "She canít live without you. So please hurry back."

Meryl buried her face in her hands and cried.

"Is this what I deserve or something? Why is this happening... especially to me..."

-Flash back-

ĎI am to blame. Itís because of me that friends die. They all got involved because of me. Iím sorry thatís why you canít stay with me.í

ĎI asked you an important question, and I expect a decent answer. I need to understand. Please for once, I need you to be honest with me.í

ĎAs long as he lives, I could never die honorably. As long as Knives is alive.í

ĎWhoís Knives?í

ĎMy brother, sorry to say.í

-End flash back-

"Why Vash?! Why couldnít you have just stayed? Dammit! Why?

A bang was heard from Merylís room.

"Oh Meryl, please hang in there." Millie sat down at the table stirring her soup.

-Flash back-

ĎUnless we go after him now, there is a good possibility that we may never see him again in this lifetime. Is that all right with you Meryl?"í

-End flash back-

"Heíll come back, I know he will, nothing could stop him from returning.

Meryl stood up and stared out he window.

"...Millie youíve been so strong when it should have been me there for you, but you were there even when you were hurting." Meryl walked to the door. "Thank you friend."

Millie finished her soup and walked to the kitchen. "If only..." she shook her head. She rinsed her bowl and placed it in the sink. "The dished can wait Ďtil tomorrow."

She walked back to her room, but stopped at Merylís door. All she could hear was heavy sobbing followed by cursing. She didnít dare disturb Meryl, at least not yet.

Meryl opened the door and looked around. All was quiet in the small house. "Millie must have gone to bed already."

She walked to the kitchen. The pot of soup was still on the stove remaining warm waiting for her.

"Thanks Millie." She whispered to the pot. She filled her bowl and walked to the door. Quietly she opened it and walked outside onto the porch.

Millie sat on her bed and stared into the darkness. Then all of a sudden for no apparent reason she began to cry. She tried to cease her tears, but they wouldnít stop rolling down her cheeks.

"Mr. Wolfwood... Mr. Vash... Meryl... Why are all these bad things happening?"

Meryl sat on the steps and slowly sipped at the soup. "How did this ever happen?" She looked up at the sky. "How did I ever... ever..." she paused and pleadingly looked at the sky as if waiting for it to say the words instead of her. "...fall in love with him...? Vash the Stampede?

She looked back up at the sky and saw a shooting star fly across the sky...

Millie got up and walked over to her window and just stared at the dark night sky. She saw a star fly by and made a wish that she had held close to her heart for a long time.

Both of the girls continued to stare into the nightís dark sky. Both thinking of the ones they loved...

To be continued...

Ok this was my first fic.... How was it? Maybe the next part will be better who knows...

Part 2