The Long Night's Wait

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By: Fishguts
The Long Nightís Wait
Part 2

A tall blond-haired man walked through the desert carrying someone who had been slung over his shoulder.

"Youíre heavy! You need to go on a diet!"

He got no reply from the light blond-haired man.

"Knives, you know what." Nothing. "Youíre boring."

They continued their trek through the dry barren wasteland.

"Knives, maybe I should leave you here." Vash looked over at his brother. Knivesí eyes twitched and his hand balled into fists.

"Rem... Vash..."

Vash jumped up as his brother spoke.


"Rem! You bitch! Give me back my brother!"


"Dammit Rem! Itís your fault he hates me!"


-In Knivesí Mind-

Knives and Rem stand alone in a field full of red geraniums. Knives is a child again. The wind blows Remís hair so that it covers her face.

"Knives..." Rem says

"Rem! I hate YOU! Itís YOUR fault! Itís all YOUR fault!" Knives pulled out his black .45-colt upside down six-shooter.

Rem just stood there and continued to smile at him.

Knives pulled the trigger. He watched, smiling, as the bullet raced towards Rem. She remained standing there, not moving, still smiling, and not wincing from the pain she knew she was about to experience.

Just as the bullet was to hit, Knivesí eyes opened.


His ice-blue eyes scanned his surrounding area.

A small fire was glowing close by.

A blond-haired man sat against a rock.

ĎVash?í he thought. Knives turned his head and looked at Vash.

Vashís head bobbed as drool began to form at the corner of his open mouth.

"Donuts... Donuts..."

"Idiot." Knives said as he looked for something to throw.

"ARG! Give it back! Itís mine!"

Knivesí fingers moved about on the ground, soon his fingers fell upon a small pebble.

"" Vash sighed.

Knives picked up the pebble.

"HA!" he yelled as he threw the pebble at Vashís head.

:: SMACK!:: "OW!" Vash yelled as he grabbed his head.

Knives laughed at his idiotic brother who had began to cry like a baby.

Vash looked at his brother while still trying to stop the giant bump from being to noticeable.

"Who the hell did..." Vashís eyes grew wide "Knives your awake!"

Knives rolled his eyes and glared at Vash.

"HEY! Why did you throw a rock at me! That hurt!" Vash moved closer to his brother.

"Idiot." Knives mumbled.

"Vash... why didnít you destroy me?"

"Well... letís see..." Vash pondered for only a quick moment. "I DONíT KILL PEOPLE! MAYBE THATíS WHY?!" Vash smacked his brother in the head.

"Dammit what was that for you idiot!?" Knives grabbed at the spot where Vash had hit him.

"For being a complete jerk! Ruining my life! Killing people! And killing Rem!" Vash hit him in the head a couple more times.

Knives raised an eyebrow. "You mean you still listen to a dead woman?" Vash looked at him "Brother, come on the woman only spoke of peace and harmony, she didnít know the first thing about living!"

Vash stood up and glared at his brother. "Youíre wrong Knives!"

Knives turned his head over and looked out into the desert. "I am tired of listening to your constant useless babble about a dead woman."

Vash could only glare at Knives. "Goodnight brother." was all Vash could manage to say. Vash was angry at Knives but also glad that he was awake.

Knives stared into the dark night. Slowly he closed his eyes and fell asleep under the watchful eyes of his brother, Vash the Stampede.

To be continued...

Ok was this a little better? It was sort of hard to think of something for them to talk about... but hey part 2 is done and now I have to come up with the idea for part 3... yeah!

Part 3